There comes a time in our lives, sooner or later, that we thirst for something greater to enrich some aspect of our lives. We are not always sure what it is at first, so we search our hearts and try to recognize what it is that we are missing.  Or, we just wander around until something resonates with us.

I’ve never really been much of a coffee drinker, but, it seems that there are alot of us that use it to try and help us wakeup and give ourselves a kick to get the day started. It’s here that we can relate that desire to waking up something within us to make our lives worth getting up for every day.

Hopefully we will find this awakening within us before life makes its marks on us and scars our souls beyond recognition. It has been said though that, ‘our greatest trials often open the door for us to do great things’.  If you are one of those that don’t need something external, like coffee, to motivate you, then you are probably already helping others on their path to enlightenment, and please continue to inspire and encourage, because even though it is sometimes a thankless job, it makes a difference and it is appreciated even if that appreciation is not able to be conveyed.

To continue with our coffee metaphor, we grind up these beans and run some water through the grinds and ingest this tincture as is or if it is preferred, with cream and or sugar. Well, no matter how you take your ‘wake me up brew’, we get our inspiration by inhaling that pleasant aroma. Or, if you will, we have some lofty ideas, that what we are about to do during our daily ‘grind’ will make a difference in the world.

Come and read some inspiration and spill the beans yourself if you have encouraging stories to share. Just submit on the contribute page or email your submission.

So a very warm welcome to The Heart Soars! I truly hope these blogs inspire and encourage you. If they do, feel free to like and share and pass on that encouragement to your friends.