Eternal Now

“What is truth?”


Christians will know that Pilate asked the christ this question. If we take this writing as a historical piece, we can assume, that it has probably entered the minds of every generation since. This question is more relevant during this time of year than any other as we draw closer to Easter. Naturally, we think more about this sacrifice that was made for us.

This question is important to us as a society, whether you’re a christian, choose to believe in another religion, or if you’re not religious at all. Let me explain how I can say this with authority.

Rather than just repeat this message, that most have heard many times, let me share with you a few thoughts that this story evokes for me.

If you are seeking for truth in scriptures or from within your own heart, the end result is the same. We find beautiful sentiments like those contained in many different inspirational writings.  You may be motivated from any number of sources, including your own inner convictions. These ideas that we have, usually arise out of a desire to improve our lives. In one set of terms, it is defined as bringing heaven to earth. You may label it whatever you like. In order for these ideals to be more than just platitudes or desires, we need to give these thoughts and ideas an expression in our lives.

“On earth, as it is in heaven…”

Being here on earth, we all have felt that this flesh housing our inner thoughts and desires, is less than optimum and falls far short of any sense of bliss. Certainly our lives seem to be a far cry from anything remotely like a utopian paradise. Words like “corruption” and “the wages of sin”, are usually mentioned in the same breath when the word “flesh” is mentioned.

Stop for a moment and ask yourself, “What is the purpose of me being here?” To put it simply, your reason for existing? Only you and you alone can answer this. Only you have the right to answer this, and no one else should be given the power to decide this for you. You must choose and define it clearly to yourself in order for you to manifest any kind of result that will actually match your ideal.

The answers to this question will vary greatly, but they will all share a common goal. This goal will involve making a desire manifest from potential into something tangible, to bring into existence an expression of the wisdom that we each decide we are here to give. We hope to bring a life worth living to bare.

We as creators create. It is in our very nature to be creative and to freely express ourselves in an ever increasing capacity. This universe is constantly gathering material and taking form. It grows, matures, and then disintegrates, or breaks apart. Then it will reform again, but will it be as it was before? It is merely a part of an eternal cycle. Every moment and place is part of this “eternal now”.

To see how an eternal wonder forms into, what some would call a heaven or utopic society, we need to understand the idea behind a particular archetype. This eternal now, is the very reason that we have a story of one who had such a giving nature that he gave his life to express a wonderful idea. He did not want to be a martyr. He petitioned something greater within himself that it did not have to end in such a tragic way. Because he was faithful to such a perfected ideal, it is said that he was able to transcend into an eternal life. He gave all other manifestations a blueprint for entering into a much broader perspective of an eternal cycle. It is not meant that we should die or suffer. Our parents did not give birth to us just for us to suffer. The one being that was fully awake tried to convey this message to those of his time, and this message has been passed on to us.

The word “christ” is meant to express the idea of a being that has become fully enlightened. Or, if you will, fully awake. For mankind to awake from his sleeping nature, the first idea needs to be seeing one’s self in a more universal capacity, one of being a co-creator with an idealized potential that resides within each of us. Acting from this point of creation, instead of reacting to something external, can make all the difference in the world.

There have been many brave heroes that have been able to face death. How was this awakened being able to face death without flinching? It was possible by acting from an understanding that he was responsible for a world that he helped co-create. A world that is worth living in, is one that is of our own creation, centered in a life of love, and moved by a belief that we can manifest such a place, in spite of any evidence to the contrary. It would also be guided by a hope for a perfected existence. Can any one of us follow into this same path? The good news is, there is no need to become a martyr again. That message has already been expressed and you are free to be you.  All that is needed is for us to understand this message, believe that we are capable of transcending our past, and then to become a living example of the ideals that are within our own conscience. Everyone knows what is right because they know how they want to be treated. Simply treat others the way you want to be treated.

Anyone that has been truly in love knows that, if you do something out of love, it is not a sacrifice.  It is an act of grace. See a purpose worth creating and be so focused on its expression that you understand, that when others oppose you, it is because they just don’t understand what it is your trying to accomplish.  Explain and give them a chance to understand. People are willing to support the good and right things in this life that will make this world a better place.

It is not merely a purpose alone that will lift mankind out of its pit of despair. Wars have been started by supporting something that was not tested to be true. We need to be clear on other people’s intentions before we adopt them as our own. This is what some say is ‘testing the spirit’. Do not be manipulated into supporting ideas that are not fully explained. If there is some aspect that is hidden, like the view of someone else’s half of the story, then do not join the mob mentality.  This is how gangs and majorities obtain their strength, and then they take by force what others have given away, because someone convinced them to join a unjust cause that was disguised as “Truth”. If you don’t want to be a martyr fighting wars for unjust leaders, then share this understanding with others. Do not give support to people when you do not fully understand their intentions or do not have both sides of the story. Most of the time, it’s just someone’s misunderstanding that is the cause of so much turmoil. Sometimes we become defensive when we take it as a personal attack and our pride is hurt. This is why “pride” in this sense is frowned upon and not to be confused with being proud.

I see in our future that we will transcend time as we awaken to this understanding of the eternal now. We must fully embrace our love for each other.  Having fully expressed and conveyed our divine purpose, we will have no need to mistrust each other. We will be able to work in cooperation, co-creating a utopia that has descended from high ideals into a manifested reality. The success that we envision together will look like a lot of hard work from where we stand today. This goal, like a marriage vow, needs to be renewed each day of our lives and given the attention that it deserves in order for it to grow into the reality that we all have secretly desired for in our hearts.

One thought on “Eternal Now

  1. The world also has a lot of resistance and fear. Because of that, many cannot find peace and happiness within themselves. This is so in many aspects of life including; the workplace, personal lives, religion, and understanding and acceptance of others. I might have veered off from what you were getting at, however with the recent events in Brussels; this is what came to mind. Individuals who don’t understand an idea are quick to reject it. Others, like you said, don’t hear both sides of the story. This is where everyone labels a Muslim a terrorist.


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