We are often motivated to be a better version of ourselves when we see someone doing something that makes us feel an appreciation for them. We feel a sense of gratitude when we clearly see someone demonstrate an act of kindness or consideration. Sometimes these feelings stir something deep within us. This is just a long winded way of saying we got inspired.

Lately I have noticed this word, inspiration, come up in topic very often. You could say I was inspired to think alot more about it and was one of the reasons that I wasmotivated to start this web site. My thinking was that we all could use a little more encouragement. Who hasn’t felt this pull to improve our life, at least in some small way? We see people sharing pictures of their family, expressing some kind of connection with their loved ones. This helps us to recognize and appreciate those that have consented to share part of themselves with us. This sharing is a very subtle way of saying that our lives are meaningful and that what we do makes a difference. We are in some way inspiring others around us to love and be that better version of ourselves when we give these small examples for others to see or read about.

Several examples that have inspired me come to mind, that are worth mentioning here, and actually could change the world we live in. If one day our way of living can change from capitalism to one that is more humanitarian, we will be moving towards that better version of our world. When we shift our perspective from a personal focus to one that is more encompassing of the whole, we will see a beautiful new world emerge with some of these ideas possibly flourishing.

Royal Raymond Rife: His contribution to the world would allow humankind to overcome most diseases, including cancer. Unfortunately greed was not in one of his frequency lists. Google his name to see more about his remarkable invention and discoveries.

George Merkl: His work showed us a way to tap into the body’s natural potential towards health and regeneration. George was a chemist and had several interesting aspects to his work that touches several areas that would contribute to our personal development.

Nicola Tesla: This electrical genius had such an amazing understanding that he is the very reason we have our modern society today. His many ideas are a very big part of our lives. If you’re reading this on your phone, know it was his vision that has made this posible. Tesla definitely has been one of the world’s greatest visionaries and inventors.

Jaques Fresco: Why our engineers of today do not study this man’s ideas of design, I’ll never understand. Truly innovative ideas.
Stan Myers: Instead of using Gas and oil as a fuel to run our machines, imagine using water. This man figured out a better way to separate the molecules in water to allow us to use it to do exactly that.

Thomas Edison: Pioneer in Direct Current, we know it better as DC Voltage, has given us the basis of all our modern electronics. He and Tesla had their differences, which put them at odds with each other, but that does not detract from either of their contributions.

Martin Luther King: Whenever I hear this name it will always be a reminder of his quote ‘to see people not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character’.

Plato: This maybe a very difficult one to describe. His writings refer to another philosopher named Socrates. His main theme in these writings, have been reduced to the saying; “True wisdom is knowing that you know nothing”. Many of these ideas are quite profound. There is a wealth of wisdom to be found if we can see deeper than just the surface meanings and their applications. One small gem that I would like to expound on here, about knowing true wisdom, is kind of a play on words that most of us have overlooked or are just unaware of origin of the idea. Knowing nothing, in my humble opinion, may be better stated earlier in the work if it was stated as knowing “No Thing”. In many writings “no thing” is referred to as a full potential, or in a different language, Our holy Father, full unmanifested potential of all things, but at the same time, “No Thing”. So simple it is very easily overlooked and hidden when stated as “nothing”. Hence, true wisdom is knowing this full potential. What many seek as knowing God. This is why the “kingdom” is within us. Full potential is everywhere (Omnipresent), all powerful (Omnipotent), all knowing (Omniscient) and at every moment (Eternal).

When it finally dawns on us that this full potential is shared with man, through man, we will see more clearly this full potential everywhere and it will fill our lives and enrich our souls. You will see the potential in the eyes of the ones you love, in the sunrise and the sunset, and finally, if you look close enough, you will see it everywhere. You will understand that if others don’t recognize this full potential within themselves, you can simply know and affirm that at some point they will, to simply state to the One, “forgive them Father, for they know not what they do”.

Of course this is not a intended list of people that have changed the world, we each have our hand in its making and we would all be included in such a list. These are some major ideas that are worth your attention to learn about at least know about them. Each of us are inspired by many different things that we see, and sometimes we are inspired by what we don’t see. However, when we want to see change, we can each seek to inspire others with ideas that could bring about a practical application to some of the issues that we face today. When we start with that better version of ourselves our minds open to even better ideas and hopefully a practical way of employing those ideas that will change the status quo. Sometimes the smallest change can make the biggest difference. That change, which makes the difference, starts with that full potential that can find its expression through you. Fear not, because change is inevitable.

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