The Royal Wedding

When I hear a story or watch a movie, I often wonder what was in the story tellers mind in its telling. I wonder this because I know from my own experience that a lot is left unsaid to remain relevant to the point of it’s telling. The other day I heard once again of the parable of the royal wedding that the king of the land had invited people to attend. I have been accused of “over thinking it” , more than once before. But, hearing this story again seemed to open new doors of understanding. My first thought sent my mind spinning with pictures of a  noble prince and his beloved princess. What archetypes jumped into my inner vision.

As for the Prince, I would identify masculine attributes. Such qualities in a king that would inspire his son to embody. Nobility, chivalry, a strength that is not a show of force, but of a strong will and an unshakable resolve. One that is able to control his animal instincts. Also, a defender of truth. One that is zealous to duty of doing what is right.These qualities that every human being has to some degree of in their character. If you have ever read anything on alchemy we could agree that this is the “mettle of a man” that gets refines into something more pure and of true value. Or, if you will, water into wine. A miracle if a human can fully embody such qualities of a noble state in their daily life.

What makes a beautiful soul is not what we see outwardly. When we see someone that carries themselves with grace and elegance, when we see them reaching out to fellow human beings, particularly children, we find a truly beautiful vision of what a nurturing and caring feminine character can do in this world. Our “feelings” are our feminine side that moves us into that state where we feel all could be right in this life. It’s that feeling of being in love. Altruistic visions that have the power to transform such “mettle” even further than the masculine aspect alone. Such aspirations and desires truly keep the heart pumping hope though the life of civilization.

This archetype may be a little more elusive to our conscious. We may identify the “ruler” as one who reins, as in “controls”. And yet, if we take it in another sense, we would define him as a “standard”. Nothing to say he cannot be both. We can see our consciousness as this king. The one that seems to rule our life when we are young. Later we may think of our heart to be the one that is a kind and wise ruler. A gracious standard the leads his character to higher ideals. Hopes to have others celebrate in the joy of a life well lived in a prosperous domain. Inviting all to attend this auspicious occasion.
Ok guys, this is more important than you may think. Some of us may not identify much with what we are wearing so we may take a long time for this to finally sink in. Here is a shortcut to a deeper understanding. Our actions are the “clothes” that others are able to identify our character with. If our actions are not in accord with such noble pursuits as our king or conscience is telling us, we are not clothed in the proper attire. When you do not listen to your conscience or your heart you lack proper clothing. This is not a judgement from anyone else outside of yourself. It is yourself and the spirit within you that is in distress. We are told not to grieve the spirit. This is what causes dysfunction in our bodies because we are double minded. A “house divided” against itself. This is a punishment that we imposing on ourself. Do not blame God. God gave you a spirit that was innocent and pure when you were born. Corruption is man doing selfish things to himself and others in ignorance. This is the “darkness that One is thrown into. And suffering is not what was intended for any of us. We bring that on ourselves.
The significance of this invitation should be clearer to us when we take all of this as a whole. It is a call to be wise, just and noble in our thinking.  Join those qualities with your loving and caring feelings. Nurture these qualities within and “marry” both the male and female character traits to be part of a greater existence that is waiting for you so that you may celebrate with joy a possibility of a “heaven on earth”. Your own heart invites you. Do not be deceived by your past guilt that would have you think you are unworthy. Thinking makes it so!
This path that takes us from an innocent child can, at some point in our life, be transformed into a noble and beautiful being of light that shines before man and all of creation. The kingdom (“kings”domain) of heaven is within your power. Will you make excuses or blame others for not achieving what your heart desires? Be still and know the gift of the spirit that animates you before it is called to an “afterlife”. Live life now and more fully. Wisdom and love to all!

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