Because We Think It Matters…

No doubt that blood is the life of a human. We know the importance of this plasma that flows through our veins and sustains our mortal bodies. We give it respect when we see it outside of the body because we know it can be contaminated or diseased. No one can deny these simple facts. When we credit the blood to identify our connection with family members or someones social status or nobility, it is something that I find highly questionable. For someone to find contempt in others because of their bloodline is in itself wholly close minded and short sighted. It is not the blood that makes us who we are, but who we are is what makes our blood. I would recommend that we open our eyes to the character of each individual and base our esteem solely upon our own knowledge and interactions with that individual without giving any hearsay value whatsoever. This value on blood seems to be an extreme imbalance in our perspective as human beings. It is as warped as bigotry itself.
It has been stated that we should not judge a book by its cover. How much more so a human being? Good looks is not something you can base the worth of a individual on any more than the color of their skin or who their family members were. It could be argued that an apple does not fall far from the tree. But, we are not talking about apple’s. A person’s experiences are uniquely their own as is their understanding and internal processes. A moral father or mother does not mean the child will be the same. And vice versa. Poor parents can have wonderful children. As young parents often mistake stewardship and responsibility for ownership, they tend to forget common virtues like respect and courtesy. This can cause alot of unnecessary impedance to ones growth. Credit to each individual for their own actions and their own choices. We can be blessed with beautiful surroundings and positive people, but does that mean they will not be spoiled or act entitled? With such a vast spectrum of possibilities it would be wise to observe the character and it’s fruits. What noble actions are exercised regularly. First impressions are very often wrong, as people’s moods often change in the environment that is always in a state of flux. Expectations for something great can be long in coming. Consistent effort in striving to do the difficult thing to achieve what is correct is needed to bring any semblance of perfection to our lives. Hopefully as we grow older this becomes more and more apparent. As with correct assessment of the environment. Hope should spring eternal if we are to better this environment and world we find ourselves in.
Nature abhors a vacuum. Life seems to be filled with situations seeking balance. Despair seeking hopefulness. Emptiness seeking fulfillment. Stressfullness seeking ease. Loneliness for companionship. A life of ease can often leave a person feeling quite unfulfilled. This often turns into a search for purpose. So many symptoms for our ailments that it is easy to fall into a desperate search for relief. Is it any wonder the world is fallen to hedonism. So close is the answer to this very thing. The service to ones self is half of the cure, can you guess the other half? If you think service to others could be the other half, you would be correct. However sacrificing others or yourself is not part of that cure. Again a balance is necessary to bring help and health to this planet of human beings. Darwin gave us only a theory and a small percentage of a vision of our reality. It has its place when aplied to our thinking, as the best of our ideas are the ones that should survive and benefit us all. But that is as practical as that notion can benifit us. There is more to our evolution and that will be our cooperation with not only our environment, but with all the humans this planet has peopled. United we can overcome our past mistakes, and without laying blame (so that there is nothing to defend), we can begin to do what is necessary to heal ourselves. But what is necessary? The best ideas may not be the easiest and work may be required. Many of us find a deep satifaction in doing a job well done. It can be very easy for us when it is seen as being truly helpful. When others are not willing, someone strong enough with a willing attitude can win the day. The problems we face may seem like a giant too big to defeat. But ideas have made our lives very fruitful and one simple action can make all the difference. A step into the proper direction is what we call well begun. But what is that first step and what is that simple action that will make that big difference?
The million dollar question. Clearly just writing these wonderful platitudes is not going to change the world. If the people in this world don’t want to change anything in their lives then it’s going to be business as usual. If you’re willing to except change something in your life will present itself to you. There are no outward saviors that are going to do this work for us. It is when you realize the help is in the spirit that is within you, that is an awakened consciousness, which is the meaning of the word “christ”. We are to continue our evolution within and awaken that “god” within. A idea of perfection must become our prime mover and generate the power needed for change. There are examples, but you can do all these things and more. That very first step is to believe that you can make a difference. Just making a difference isn’t the goal though. It needs to be beneficial to yourself and others. It will be easy because it will be an act of mercy. Life does not require sacrifices. It requires acts of love and compassion. Where you see lack, it is a call to fill that void. Will we fill it with winning ideas, or with thoughts of competition? What can treat the cause of that problem instead of just addressing the symptoms of it. Here we can give Darwin his due and entertain “the better ideas”. Many wonderful ideas are shared for many different things by many wonderful and ingenious people. We do not have to re-invent the wheel. But, we should realize that there is better ways of driving these proverbial wheels.
This journey of ours begins within. Think about what can be better and how to achieve it. Do not waist effort in trying. Think it through to it’s completion before you lift a finger. This is the kingdom of your divine God that is the “spirit” within you that needs to come first. It is the way to a perfect world and a perfect life here in this world that will be modeled after the divine ideas. Stop the revolutions and start the evolution of your life. It is in your hands and your control. Bless your journey!

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