When There’s A Storm

Life throws storms in our paths. It seems no matter how hard we work or fight for a perfect life, something happens to knock us from that straight and narrow path.
We often take these storms and give them too much significance. We should realize that the climate of our lives are filled with many blessings. These blessings seem to get shadowed in the turbulence of these storms. This climate in between these events is where we should keep our thoughts focused while we are in the middle of these storms. It is the place where we are at our best. The calm that we feel when all is as it should be. We sometimes question, and sometimes we should, what is it that we should take away from this tribulation. I want to stress the part about “taking away”. We are not meant to stay in this situation but learn and grow from our ordeals and gleen all the wisdom that we can. If not for ourselves, sometimes we need to share what we have learned with the ones we love and care about so that there is no need for them to suffer the pain but still gain this wisdom. We can not always prevent this pain in the ones we care about, but per chance they have an open heart and mind to receive these pearls.
In this climate of calm and quiet, where we are our best selves, we can more clearly set our goals. The fulfillment of our aspirations bring a satisfaction that can dispell this desperation that we all feel at times. We are more that just survivors of these storms. We forge a deeper purpose for our lives. We may not remember so much of our youth when we pondered more on the point of our lifes. What it was that we dreamed of becoming. But, through these trials we have, if we were lucky, found a better version of ourselves. May you find the best of yourself “for no man is an island into himself” in this world. We are here for each other. We live and breathe in this same world. Let’s do our best to make it a paradise and remember that what we give our attention to, it tends to eventually manifest. Yes, there are storms , but it’s not our normal climate.

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