Healing and a new “Beginning”

The world seems to be a very complicated thing. But all things are made of simple parts that are made with simple principles.The complex things sometimes hide within themselves these simple ideas that would transform our life. We just need to take a moment to see and realize their importance.Some simple ideas that form our reality can be shared from one person to another but the ideas are already inside each of us. The ideas are educed, which means they are drawn out of the source. We use this word “education” meaning to draw out wisdom from knowledge.
Let’s educe some true wisdom.
Simple idea number 1… When it is said that God is everywhere, it is like saying that there is no place that God is not. Well, what is God to us? We describe God as full potential. This is like saying anything that can be made has the information to make that thing everywhere within reality. There is nowhere this information does not exist. So, full potential is everywhere.
Simple idea number 2… We describe God as all powerful. We are in a sea of energy all around us and there is no place that this energy is not. This energy and information was used to create all that we see and even ourselves were created from this energy. This is showing us we are part of God. This information and energy that is everywhere has manifested all things. But how?
Simple idea number 3… We say God is love. How do we know? This field of information that has full potential and is everywhere needs some kind of force to act on it for it to start moving. This is basically saying that this energy and information that can do all things and make all things needs some kind of motivation to put it into some kind of direction. So what is love? It is a will to do something for ourselves or others that is usually thought of as bringing happiness either to yourself or others. We tend to believe that it will work for the good of all involved. We say that the things that are, are Gods will. That the world that we have made is manifested for our good. We being one with God means we have been the (One)s shaping this reality. We have used this power and information and our love to form our shared reality by virtue of being creators.
Simple idea number 4… Using these previous ideas it is now time to to see they are moving to more complex ideas. Above and below… Coherence and Incoherence. Energy moves diffently in different environments. When we love someone or something our thoughts and actions move freely towards that happiness that is “willed”. This is a coherent environment. Which is like saying that the energy flows in such a way that it is not hindering itself. It flows where there is least resistance. If it meets resistance, our persistent or creative efforts can overcome such obstacles. In contrast there is a non coherent environment that seems to dissipate energy and it’s energy weakens the further it travels from it origins. This can be likened to fear or doubt. It does not give a clear description to the information on how to form. The information is following thoughts or your “will”. Our thoughts must be directed to a clear end and not given images of anything contrary to our desires (or as defined earlier as our love). Our thought must remain true to our first love. Unless you have modified that love to be more constructive. (More coherent) Simply, hold only the pure idea of love in this field of energy and information for it to manifest clearly that desire.
In the spirit of this writing, to keep the complex simple, let these 4 simple ideas form the base of a solid foundation in your life. Move within towards love and wisdom and manifest it outwardly and share for all to know it within themselves also. That they too are creators, responsible for what this reality was, is and will be. You and The Father are One! There is no other power!

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