New Beginnings

I believe deep down we all are thirsting for a better life. Each new year, as it comes around, it leads our hearts to these desires. We are typically based in our heads. If we are not in tune with our feelings we may think that we need to take action to make these changes happen. That’s a good thing!

Life is about change if you are honest with yourself. Change is apparent everywhere we care to look. We are born and we are thrust into a world that is in a constant state of ups and downs. We start facing change when we start school, move to new homes, make new friends, take new jobs or many other things that force us to see new situations take shape in our lives.
It seems most are uncomfortable facing these uncertainties that confront us. It’s like taking a step in the dark, not knowing what may happen. We know no other way to forge ahead to meet this future. We don our bravest faces and sometimes we step blindly, relying on a higher power.

There is nothing wrong with faith, but have you defined what faith is to yourself? There is, of course, blind faith. That is like… talking without first thinking. Then there is “faith” that is putting your trust in something that has been proven to be trustworthy. I mention this to bring to mind the idea of looking beyond the surface and understanding the intent.

Stories to convey meaning.
Allegories and metaphors are ways of conveying some deeper principles. Often, if the story is long we are looking at the story being told and not looking for a deeper correlation. It’s like the old saying… “we can’t see the forest for the trees”. Life itself is like this forest. We have all these days in our lives filled with our daily routines. We are so busy, we rarely stop and ask ourselves, ‘was there a point to this day?’ Days run together and before we know it another year has passed. Everyday of our life is a page written in our book. That book was made from that “forest”. Usually at some point we will look back at our life and wonder how it passed so quickly.

Now, we have come full circle and we can see why we may have these feelings. The ones we feel each year for a better life. Deep down this longing for a better life is moving us to change “something”. “Some thing” to make us “feel” better. This circling back also brings us to the the idea of looking beyond the surfaces. Specifically what we consider as “faith”. If you are spiritual or religious or if you have a different idea about life on this planet and your connection with the people here, know that what you do matters.

The ideas that we think about and act upon are shaping this world. We each have a hand in its making by our combined efforts. Simply, we need to see that we are responsible for the state that it is in. Sometimes we are leaving its outcome to others when we neglect to correct things that we could help make better.

To blindly follow without thinking of the consequences is a neglect on everyone’s part. We must face our problems instead busying ourselves with our daily routines. We must resolve ourselves to be strong and stand up to the bullies in our life. A “bully” can be anyone that believes they have a right, and might, to control others.

Know that you are being manipulated. Mainstream media is basically under control. We are being shown what those in “control” think is safe to not upset the status quo. Some of the people in this world are trying to inform you of the injustices that are being perpetrated on humanity. They are studying the laws and the intent that was originally intended and revealing that most of us have been duped into believing that it is our “duty” to support others in their rule over us.

Soon other sources, such as the internet, will be under control so that these bullies can keep their nefarious dealings secret. You probably have heard about Net Neutrality. The internet will no longer be in the hands of the public but controlled by “private” enterprise. Basically, becoming like mainstream media, controlling what you get to see. Funded by you know who. It’s our money used to control us, coming and going. And, not being aware is our neglect. Not protecting our own rights is our neglect. Seeing it and not doing anything is our neglect. Continuing to contribute to this system is our neglect. Staying silent is our neglect. Continuing to place our “faith” in this failed system is our neglect. The intent in these systems was great at its inception. Now it lacks the ideals that its creators had envisioned.

The ironic part of this, is our “faith” has brought us here. Our faith in the things that are visible. These things that are constantly changing have become a poison in our soul. The simple principles of our heart tell us not to steal, not to lie, not to do harm to others, but to love, have compassion, show mercy, to be vigilant and watchful that no evil can presume to have a place in our lives.

These values have been usurped by something baser. Hence, our longings. It’s called a conscience. Bless those that have one still and do not ignore it. Guard it well from the harm this world tries to inflict on it. Remember this “book” of our life does not have to be a tragedy. Our life can be an inspiring story of triumph. Or, will you go quietly into the night? Let us take a hard look at ourselves and make that change. One persons conviction can change the course of the world. Imagine that it’s you that is shaping your future. Because in reality you are. Take back your power… It’s yours. Again, strengthen your heart; it will do it good. Live from your heart and listen, not to me, but to it. Long to know the truth and seek it. Learn the intent or purpose of your life. Learn the intent and purpose of these insitutions that we have taken on faith. Learn whether they support our best interests as a whole. The life you live should be your own. A life “given” in service is something quite different than “being made to” be a servant. No one should force you to pay. Instead they should be asking for you to contribute. Not threatening you for your lunch money, or whatever you choose to spend it on. Time for us to realise these bullies do not have our best interests in mind. They may say they do, but their actions say otherwise. Look at our national debt. It is a system of deficit. It takes more and more of this world’s lifeblood and resources and does nothing to balance a budget. Continually detracting from something will obviously leave us with nothing.

“Faith” is for things that are hoped for, but we do not see the evidence of them. We know that what we hope is correct and we believe that it will come to pass. We can and should take action towards that very thing. We expect that very thing to manifest in our lives as soon as it can. We give thanks to the One for hearing our prayers of “faith”. Being righteous desires they are made manifest for the good of all. Have no doubts. These doubts will take form also. Would you have these doubts neutralize the good that you seek? The One answers faithfully what you hold, not only in your heart, but in your mind also. We need to be strong in our convictions. Let your heart return to those values from before and resolve to stand fast. See the perfect fulfillment of what you seek and do not worry how it will come to pass. Know only that it will. This is to see heaven, or paradise, here on earth. Do not be content to fade into nothing because of your own neglect. Care about those things that bring life to all and happiness for everyone. This is the Love that was intended by the Father and manifested into Mother nature. Do not contribute the fruits of your labor to someone or something else that does not have this intent. We should not like the find ourselves contending against this “Love” any further. Our actions have consequences. How will your story read? Do not turn a blind eye to the world around you. Open the door to your heart once again as it was when you were born. Know the universe moves with you. It works with you. It does not owe you, but it does love you! Love it back, and use all you have to be “one” with It.

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