Go Into The Light…

Since I was little, I enjoyed taking things apart to see how they were made, what was the functioning and what was the reason for the manner in which it was built. To see and understand why it was made the way it was has been the question that I have always asked and sought answers for. In this I have been able to see certain parallels. Many things that are made had a similar aspect that was in my inner life. Things that mirrored in meaning but not in form.
When I take a moment to reflect on some of the teachings that are shared with us , the letter of the word differs from it’s spirit of intent. “Understanding” doesn’t always have to take a form but it can shape our behavior.
The blind are able to see… We may have concluded that, where we lacked understanding, we figuratively considered ourselves as “blind”. When we have learned a path that leads to making this world, not just bearable, but a better place for all of us, the light of truth begins to dawn. We share our experiences and understandings openly with others to comfort them when they have similar hardships. We should let this light shine that others can “see” a clear and well lit path. A path that leads us to this brighter future that this world and most of mankind have so longed for. This, without even realizing it ourselves, is spiritually healing the blind….
The lame can rise and walk again… Have you ever felt powerless to change a problem that seemed so huge that you came to the realization that, “that’s just the way this world is”. We deemed it out of reach to be possibly changed for the better. In the back of our minds we have ideas of the situation being better. We may even imagine it better, but we don’t know what actions to take that can help bring about this hopeful state. To rise from this lame inaction one needs to be first empowered. This empowerment requires that we are not still ‘blind’ by a lack of understanding or else we will fail or “fall” into a even worse state. “Empowerment” or “rising” should not give you ideas of grandeur. Having thoughts that makes you believe you have a right to rule over others. This is the trap that this world has “fallen” into. True Empowerment is an act of self responsibility that does not impose it’s will on others. There is no need to convince others of what they should do. Their actions will follow on their own. The other trap that we, as humans, have fallen into is following others “blindly”. We do not know others intent and we swallow lies that are the size of elephants. This is how this world has become enslaved. We have done this willingly without even asking ourselves why.

“We” are to blame for the state of our lives, not our so called “leaders”. We shape the environment of our households, our jobs, and even our school classrooms and halls. Look where our leaders have led us. Yes, shame on them, but, we are like zombies, merely walking through life looking for something to fill our appetites. To ‘rise and walk’ on our own two feet requires that we become self responsible and stop using others as crutches or to blame. No free lunches. Work for a better future. The benefits of hard work will provide for a better future. This “work” is not a difficult thing when it is done out of our true passion, compassion and concern. The understanding of technologies that we now have can heal all diseases, provide free energy world wide, transport us anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes. This technology isn’t fantasy, just suppressed technology. Many things have been kept from the general public to keep them enslaved. This is the elephant sized lies that we have swallowed , hook, line and sinker. ‘Sinking’ us further into the grip of this worlds murky problems. Stand, shake off the dirt and Walk! You have the power within you.
The sick are healed… It is one thing to give advise when something bad happens in someones life and another to be able to apply that advice. When faced with a situation where someone is just so frustrated their anger just seems to have infected the whole environment. The situation seems to reach an epidemic proportion all too often. Everyone around is upset about something. They lament how bad this or that is, or blame one another, for doing, or not doing something. This is a type of sickness that has a simple cure that has been easily overlooked.
When we have children we know that when they are feeling under the weather we give them more of our love and care. This is what these types of situations call for. When people have or have not received the proper training, and they do not have the experience to recognize what should be done in order to ‘get it done’, that is when those that ‘know or understand’ need to help, not condesend. That only adds to the anger and frustration. There is no lasting cure that will bring. More understanding is needed that will help them not be overwhelmed with this frustrating situation. When two people work together to handle the situation it’s alot less frustrating and even less so when one of them has retained their hope and can remain calm to work towards something better. That calmness, like the frustration, has a way of spreading. Only now it is a thing to be sought for. Nobody wants to be stressed or agitated. However, we do like the clarity that seems to come with being calm. Not only does this heal the situation, people feel better having accomplished something difficult. It is no secret that when you feel better your immune system works better. It is a cycle that builds life, not takes it away.
These principles that we find in mankind’s writings, from whatever source you choose, are for us to have a more fulfilling life. They are not meant to serve the animal instincts in us or used as a form of controlling others. We need to stop manipulating others and we need to awaken and not be manipulated by others. We can continue to act like animals or we can be spiritual beings with an animal body. What belief do you think has the best potential? And, how will you shape your behavior? Yes, it is a good time to…

Go Into The Light

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