Standing On The Porch Of Heaven… Our Matrix

Don’t let the Physics stop you…

In Quantum Physics there are two main forms of energy.
The Wave And The Particle.
The Wave is where everything exists as pure possibility.
The Particle is what we see that was formed into reality.
The One observing is the one who collapses that Wave into the Particle simply by their expectations.

“Do you think that’s ‘air’ you’re breathing?”

Whether it’s light, sound, food or air, it is energy you are taking in and transmuting it into “your reality”. You are literally taking in this energy that is all around you, transmuting it and transmitting it. The energies in these substances vibrate and are imbued with your frequencies and are sent out for the recreating of “You”.

“Your reality” has become the prison of your thinking. We tell others who we are and the things that we have done, however, where we have been and what we think we know is irrelevant when we have a clear idea of where we are going. If those things are irrelevant, we should leave them in the past and stop looking back. It has been said, “whoever plows a field and looks back is not worthy of Heaven.” It is sort of a paradox. We are trying to see the truth by looking at what technically is a manifestation of our past ideas instead of forming a future “reality” in our minds first.

Fortunately the mind is not bound any longer once you see that you are the “One” that has control of your own fate. The programs that are now running in your subconscious are your doing. You are your worst enemy until you free yourself of those caustic beliefs. We can “delete” those programs of fear and doubt and disbelief by facing them and transmuting them. You decide what you want to believe.

Where you go with your beliefs is up to you….

Think on the things you want and do not allow visions of the things that you do not want into your thoughts. Envision the end result first and let the universe complete the program for you. We do not need to know how it will come, only feel ‘now’ how you are going to feel when it does come. That’s the part that you, as an observer, does for the particle to manifest. It is your blueprint for creation that is sent out and soon it will come back to you. The “glitch” is that we do the same things and expect different results. We are letting our programs run us instead of “Seeing” where our choices are leading us. It’s more “Reactive” instead of “Creative”. What we want needs to be envisioned in our minds. These are the blueprints that are built by the universe in Responce to us.

We Get what we give.
This is directly important for us, because if we are all going to be “Consumers” and not “Creators” than there is ultimately going to be a destructive imbalance. We are being destroyed by a desperate void in our lives. This void is swallowing everything around. We cannot constantly take away from something without destroying it in the process. This is the meaning that ” It is better to give than to receive”.

Illuminate your mind and the darkness will flee. It has no power but what you have given it.
All of reality follows laws. We hurt ourselves and others when laws are not followed. Even worse when we think we know the law but in reality do not. The good news is that we can use higher laws to seemingly overcome lower ones. We can transmute our substance of reality simply by learning these laws. For example…Illuminate that which is “within” and not what is on the “outside”(without). We see our less than desirable outside and we need to see it for what it is instead of making a judgement against it. Old cars that are rusted and barely running may appear to be junk. When you look at them, understand that they gave someone many years of service. More than likely many happy memories. Then you will see that it had value and you can appreciate it instead of feeling contempt for it. With some work, these things can become quite valuable. That is transmuting power in action. The law of Mentality. You may see your life or someone else’s in the same way. We make snap judgements not even thinking what we have done or what others have been through and the service they have given. We can easily stop and see a better future, but if the past is stuck in your field of vision, appreciate it and than a future more productive and amicable will present itself much easier in your life, with your friendships and your relationships.

Like any teaching they are merely words given to the “One” which they will either imbue what they have heard with power, giving it life, or will use what power they have to emphasise something else and not give the words any life.

We stand on the porch of Heaven. What you manifest “is given to you according to your belief”. Remember, the truth…that “there is no spoon”.
You have the power within you to walk this path easily. Do not tell yourself, or let anyone else, tell you otherwise! Either way you will “BE”, the choice is yours. Enjoy your “Being” though, for your own sake. It was the plan from the beginning. All possibilities exist on the quantum level already and merely await your vision to set them in motion and manifest here on “The porch of Heaven”

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