The First Step

     It is important to understand how your reactions affect others. It is more important to work and relate with others in harmony so that one’s mental state is not grieved, yours or the other person’s. I would use the word “spirit” instead of mental state, but, like so many word symbols used these days, it may just be some nebulous idea to some, or merely a reference only belonging to religion and glossed over in a casual manner without any real reflection or consideration. Actually others will admire your “spirit”, or in this case, the character within you, when you maintain your composure in a difficult situation. They may be compelled to ask how you can endure these difficulties in life with such strength and grace. You may often be amazed how things can just come together for you in a synchronous way after this short read.

You can show others this power that is a saving principle in your life once you understand this power and how to apply it. Once you do and have seen the results in your life, let them know that this power is also within them and that they are already using it, but unaware of its full and true potential. Each of us just needs to identify ourselves with “it”.

“It” is an imagination that can do great things for “those that believe” and “it” is the answer to, “What would you ask of me?”. Meaning,  what do you want from your time here on this planet? It is important to understand that all thoughts are just a choice of vibration that the universal, or if you prefer, the “quantum” field, responds to regardless of that vibration’s “quality”. It is of utmost importance that people understand that their thinking is a direct connection to how situations unfold. This universal field does not differentiate between good, bad, hard or easy, but simply takes what you put into it without judgement and turns it outward for you to experience your choices. The real power within you is knowing that it is definitely within your control. It is not your power if you believe that you are just a body, but it is yours to direct regardless if you are aware of what you are doing or not. Whether you believe it or not, you will be right in whatever conviction you hold to be true. You may even be using this creative power in a self sabotaging way by thinking thoughts of lack, weakness, limitations or inability. It is also known as a resurrecting principle because of its creative nature in re-animating the state, or if you prefer, giving an outer expression of these inner convictions. Simply restated, “living your choices”.

This is the wielding power that an awakened one in the past gave such a good example of. His teaching was, that we can do all things and even more than he himself did through this power. That it is more important to use this power given to you with loving intentions. This “power” is known by different names, such as, Heavenly Father, God,  your super-conscious or energy field, only to name a few. Call it what you want, however, it is beyond all things, and is at the same time, in every thing that we think of as material. In modern terms, it is deemed “the quantum field”.

This devoted one realized the need and chose purposefully to share the one and only power that there is, but it is above our normal materialistic thinking. He said it was our very life within us and knew that it is what animates what we call our bodies, and in fact, all material. We cannot understand this if we give credence to a power, or powers, outside of ourselves or to things. This should be self evident when it was said that the kingdom of “heaven” is within us. Many think that “heaven” is a place. I can say with authority that it is a higher state of being, that implies harmony within and without, rather than a place without. Yes there are higher states of being, but there is no division or separation from who you are in this ever present moment. There is only Oneness. Some call that oneness God, but there are many names and attributes of Oneness, just as there are many faces of mankind and including other life forms throughout all of creation.

Let it be known that the true adventure starts when you, yourself, identify with and act from this Oneness, just as the awakened one taught. “That he and the Father were One.” He stated this boldly because he knew that this is true for all, there is only “One that is Good” that is within all and is transcendant of our material bodies. Few have accepted that it applies to themselves and reject or deny the very idea that would tranform everything in their lives. This knowing was the source of his miraculous healings because he touched the One in others and “The Oneness” responded because he was persuaded from within that it was in fact the only truth. It isn’t based on blind faith but an understanding and putting into practice this One truth.

One question that an inquiring mind may want to know is, “How can my imagining something really change anything in my life?” Well, if you consider it carefully, you will come to the conclusion that anyone that we think of, that is successful, like a writer, has imagined their character’s lives with great detail. A musician does not play a few keys on a piano and call it a song. If we are to use this magical lamp to illuminate our life so that our wishes may be granted, we will need to release the genie within … > the genie in us… > the genius. Imagination does not take any physical effort but it does take a commitment to envisioning a complete idea. When one can see the end results, then our actions will be compulsively guided by an inner knowing that will take the correct actions when they are needed. You do not have to do work with your hands first, but you must have a complete vision, and that complete vision has the feelings that would naturally accompany it, if it were to be true. The reason people have not successfully used their imagination in the past is because they have not “seen it through to the end, completely” or they really do not accept that it will really show any “realistic” results. Like a winning poker hand you need to be “all in”. The “feelings” that you need must come from the heart. One needs to be ready to be committed to the enterprise fully. If we have not used our imagination, or only very little, it may take time and practice to make it work for us in a positive way. Then we can be anything that we can imagine and the physical actions will naturally follow, seemingly without effort. Effortless, because the greater power within you does the real work for you by shaping circumstances to bring that vision to this outer plane we call reality. Yes life happens for you, not to you. This rudder to your ship is in your control.

All substance, as we know, is made up of what we think of as particles. However, we also are aware that this substance has no solidity but mostly space and “wave packets” we call electrons. We error if we think that this “substance” is what gives us life. It is our life that is One with this source, that gives this “substance” a way to have experience. This substance is a projection of our infinite potential and is only part of our own Oneness. We continue to deny this truth and prefer to put power in this projection because the alternative is something your logic cannot wrap your head around. It is “all possibilities” at once. Identification with this projection is what is called living in darkness. If we identify with this seeming separation and do not recognize our Oneness with all things, we are separating ourself from ourself and it is calling for our own demise. The time to bury the past ideas that keep you enslaved is now. Your errors of the past should be buried in the past so that your awakening can happen. Do not give new life to old ideas that do not serve you or anyone else. Nor should we hold on to them or give them new life by retelling old stories unless it is to share that the past works are dead and a transformation is not only possible,  but can be expected as certain. Now, this day, and every day, all things are being made new by the thoughts you think and these thoughts are your ruling ideas that govern this complex community that you refer to as your body. The truth is your power extends way beyond the physical you. You hold the keys to infinite possibilities that are not written in stone. If you choose to think about things that are good, pleasant and healthy, and feel the joy of such thinking, then be persuaded in yourself that these very thought are already true and see for yourself that these states will be resurrected in your life and transform your experiences to something consistent with those thoughts. Keep yourself from your old ways of double mindedness, naysaying or pessimism and all negativity. You will only continue to negate the wonderful power to do good in your life and for those around you. If you, or someone you love, are having a bad day, imagine it better and revel in an ideal, and that should be the best that you can imagine. You may develop those ideals into something even better and more coherent after dwelling on those thoughts and seeing the end results within your mind. This is what “life” is all about. Ultimately you are co-creators with those around you. Life isn’t really about you… and, at the same time it is only about you. You are the boss of you and your life, and you need not change anyone else. Do not do yourself, or your power, an injustice by accepting others ideas about who you should be or what you can or cannot do. Awaken to the true potential within.  The universe reflects outwardly in exact law according to your thoughts. How vast your potential is! Your true potential becomes more apparent the more you live and dwell upon these ideas. How limited or powerful you are, is always of your choosing. Just as it is in how you relate to others. Are others a part of you? Or, are they apart from you? It would be insane thinking that you are a complete being while excluding parts of this Oneness that is in everyone of us. The outward appearance is really not made of any substance but is only vibrations. Can a vibration be sick? Can a vibration “catch a virus”? Systems can be quite sophisticated and seem to be something alive and confusing, but, it all starts with your choice in what you will give life or power to. Is there a more supreme power than a consciousness that is not divided, which is just how we describe God? It lights one’s understanding. It gives life to all states of being. It gives Hope to the down cast. It gives peace to the distraught. It shows that there is no reality in untruth and reveals our self delusions and shows us the right course of action. It shows the futility in arguing with others. It is the human power to Love one another and bring about greatness. This brings us again back to the beginning. It points the way to a principle of coherence and a choice, your choice. Use it well or it will slowly but surely become something that cannot sustain this life that you have been given and takes nearly everyone that has not transformed or translated their “image” into the truth of who they really are. Resist nothing that appears “evil”, which are the things that appear to go backwards, but choose to “live” by moving forward and create something better instead of trying to destroy what was only a reflection of delusional or incoherent thinking because these things will pass away only when we stop animating them with our attention. Love life and those in your life and be grateful and transformed by this renewing moment to moment. Be blessed in your thinking first, and the life you live will reflect that first step that you have chosen to take.

Would Jesus wear a mask these days? He would begin as I did in this post, that we should subject ourselves to one another until we can demonstrate this truth in our own lives and show others this transformative power within and then we can all take off this mask of delusion that has blinded all of mankind for so long.

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