A New Day, A Different Idea.

Sound Familiar? It should!

Most of us growing up have been given ideas that seem to have been accepted as the way things are. As children in school, it is hardly acceptable to have an opinion about such widely accepted “facts” and even less to challenge such ideas. A “disruptive” child will not be tolerated for misbehaving in class. Shamed and ridiculed openly by their superior, they are not apt to challenge the adult again. 

Acceptable ideas by the general public are slow to change, if ever, unless it becomes well supported and then popular enough to reach the public in general. Who will modify the text books and curriculum of our children’s education so that the new assimilated ideas are passed on as the truth? 

As experts in the field have many years of reinforcing beliefs about the ideas that came before them, it is very difficult for one to overcome that fear of shame and humiliation, that will not be from their superiors or supporters, but their peers should they introduce an original thought that may go against the popular tide. Often we may choose silence rather then go against such long established theories, ideas… and “truths”.

A case for your pondering. The principle idea of a brain holding all our thoughts and information of our lives. If you have any conviction of something greater than this life, you may have concluded that there is something that will transcend your body and it’s mortality. Something that will support other facts that seem to defy science. Things like ESP, clairvoyance, gnosis, or near death experiences that seem to suggest a possibility of something greater. There are ideas put forth that suggest there is a shared consciousness. A collective consciousness would account for such phenomena. Channeling information may simply be accessing this conscious field. Stories of people like, the sleeping prophet, Edgar Cayce would make sense with this idea. Maybe our brains do not hold information, but like a television, receive, in their own unique way, this very field. Finding these pathways useful or with pertinent information may be what reinforces these pathways into constellations that are hard wired into us, so to speak, and repeated when we have the same notions arise again. The ease at which we recall these so called “memories” seemed to have been engrained into us. However, it could be that these ideas are believed to be so important that we are unwilling to let them go and cleave to them tenaciously. We repeat our history by its retelling. There is hope for brighter futures. 

Stories about people with severe brain damage having miraculously regained functions and memory, continue to defy scientific expectations or explanations. Our holographic universe of thinking seems to lead us to this wonderful rabbit hole and a looking glass that peers into our subconscious. More of these neural connections often reveal our “ahha” moments of a bigger picture. Which, moves us closer to what we call enlightenment. This field is filled with power and all things are possible. Will we truly see our own connection with this one universal consciousness? I should not say “we” because I cannot speak for everyone, but I cannot see this world and all the splender of life as randomly coming together without intelligent design. This infinite field full of all there is to know is knowable, but where would one find that they have stopped growing? Is it because we hold such a tight grasp to our past thinking that we have stopped moving forward? Will it be of our own choosing to stop or keep going? When will our spirit say ‘I know all that I am’..? I feel that I will never stop if eternity is as “they say” never ending. Rather than say “never ending” … I find that it is timeless, like the notion, that it is always “now” implying that energy can not be destroyed.  You, as energy, should continue as long as your energy remains coherent. This may be the missing idea that eludes man and keeps him from such an enlightened state and this may be the cause of our apparent aging. There is a term called a “yuga”. It is a Hindu teaching of a cycle that goes from a Krishna consciousness to Christ consciousness. A cycle of a sleeping consciousness(Or stillness) to one of God like consciousness. (Fully awakened) These fully awakened eras would be referred to as golden ages. Man living in a garden like paradise. Knowing the secrets of the universe by being one with them. It has been said, the more “still” you can become the more you can know the secrets of the universe. The bible says this… “Be still and know that I am God”. Different words, but very likely what was meant. Could this consciousness be the “I AM”, that sent Moses, that is everywhere and is more than that which is created. Is this infinite field, the same at every point (With no shadow of turning)? I will not tell you what to believe. You have to choose what you will be. Mere flesh or something more? Invest your time and thoughts into these profound implications. Know that you are of the “One”, know yourself and “to thine own self be true”. 

You will come to the point and realize that you are the creator and the true “Lord” of your own thinking. I know this to be true. Life or environment outside of yourself is only revealing who you already are. Most do not like what they see and either try to delude themselves by blaming others or they take responsibility and change their state of being. That is, they alter their thinking. When this is done, the outer circumstances change. When we stop looking at the past, which is what outer appearances are ( things that are already made ) and consciously move towards a goal, we achieve it. We achieve it when we do not have conflicting thoughts about it. It is true that we cannot be double minded about it. We cannot plant a seed and expect it to grow something other than what we planted. It isn’t any different with our thinking. We must stay caring for that which we find matters and hold on to the ideal that we desire to be true. If our past is not something worthy of sharing we can make a new past and actually we are doing it daily already. More and more with our eyes, or understanding, more opened.  

Coming back full circle, however fast or slow we change our ideas about what we are to believe, ultimately falls on ourselves, no matter what the general public thinks is true. We can rethink the possibilities of what is possible every time outward appearances show us something we don’t wish to have in our lives. We don’t have to try to control the world. We merely need to take control of our own thinking, which is the beginning of creation. It is our ideas that shape our world and leads to our own actions. Let them bear fruit in their due season. “Now” is the best time for better ideas, when you do not see the evidence. See in your imagination that idea fully matured and feel it as true in this present moment. This is the practice of creating, which we are constantly doing already. It’s just that only a few do this conscientiously. The power is in your hands now. How efficiently you use it is also your decision. 

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