Joy… In Abundance, All About Easter.

There is a great satisfaction in understanding a principle behind something. When you gain the true essence of it, that principle is truly yours and becomes like a beloved child. The great thing is, you can give it away to others, and at the same time, you still get to keep it. It only multiplies in its fruitfulness.

Let’s take “forgiveness” as an example. We can bring up one of the most well known quotes known by mankind. We could assume that most folks know or have heard of forgiving someone, as in Matthew 18: 21, up to “seventy times seven”. We may or may not recognize the significance of the number seven, as was known to them at the time that it was written. They would associate the number seven with completion. Much like our days of the week or a cycle of one of the four phases of the moon. At that time, it was customary that they would celebrate a “jubilee”. This jubilee was the completion of seven cycles of seven years, equivalent to 49 years. At the end of this forty ninth year cycle, a year of emancipation and great celebration would begin. It would signify the completion of a greater cycle and a time of great joy. The term “seventy seven times” or “seventy times seven” would hold the same significance, and be associated with a great joy. This is where we get our meaning of ‘jubilant’. By extension it is the same as saying forgive a person entirely or completely, and be joyous that it’s over and finished. Also, be free from its effects.

It would seem that we are to “turn the other cheek” to a point beyond exhaustion for the average normal person. It would reason that there is something greater hidden here. Something that we are to understand more fully. We can find this truth “within” ourselves and resurrect the true spirit of that truth in our own lives by giving those words meaning and applying it consciously. What better time can there be to do this, then during a holiday celebration that is centered around resurrection?

The key to understanding this deeper message hidden here is to recognize the intent of the one that delivers such a message. We have plenty of evidence that points to loving one another without reservations, throughout many sacred writings. It should be obvious that everyone has the power of God within him to not only overcome the fear of death, but to associate theirselves also as one with the source of life. Knowing this to the point of having a true understanding is key to knowing that they will be resurrected also, should their own “living temple” suffer death . We are told that we shall do these things and more “if” we accept this as true. It would strengthen our resolve and give life to the principles by which we choose to “live” by, by not altering our ideals just to go along with the status quo of what is generally accepted, even today, this may be hard to accept as a possibility. We must seek to understand our own intent, which is often concealed or masked by our feelings. Feelings, which change as our understanding unfolds.

To “forgive” is not really something that is given to someone else, for it yields no wisdom, but is meant to convey a feeling of regret on our own part. It is definitely not something that should be “required” from another. This is deeply more of a personal issue, that one has within ones self. Something that we have, for the most part, neglected. It is usually a witness to others of the fruit of “your” thinking. We truly need to look closer and deeper within ourselves to see the real issue. The deeper underlying issue is that we need to really forgive ourselves. But, why do we need to forgive ourselves? We need to realize that we have “mis”-judged and blamed someone else for our actions which caused us to error and compound the issue without even being conscious that we errored in the first place. We not only disempower ourselves but cause a hurt to another spirit. It manifests either mentally, emotionally or physically. It affects their thinking as well as ours and causes feelings that are in one form or another, stressing or in extreme situations, actually cause bodily damage. This damage can be in yourself or the receptive participants. Note that they do not have to receive your “unthoughtful” gifts. Given in this context it should be clear that this is not something desirable and life affirming. This is far removed from true freedom and joy.

We “react” because we do not understand that in each moment we have the power to manifest something more beautiful, something more desirable. For only in each moment is the eternal now in which we CAN act. We fail not only ourselves, but we lower those around us into something that does not have any part of a healthy expression of our desired ideals. We have been “driven out of the garden”, so to speak, by partaking of this knowledge (our judgemental thoughts) of good and evil by the subtle influence of our feelings. We have “misjudged” because we have failed to recognize that, like ourself, others are constantly learning, changing, and modifying their understanding and are dynamically unfolding a better version of who they have been in the past. We jump to conclusions about the underlying intent or what someone’s current understanding may be. We haven’t a clue of what someone else knows, has been through or the actual state they are in at any given moment. To put it lightly, we guess instead of trying to communicate in a “reasonable” and friendly manner. Yes, we need to forgive ourself and be sorry for acting in this way and understand that it is completely in our power to do better. It starts in our knowing that we are all equal because we all are limitless expressions and intimately tied to this one source of life (our conscience)and yes, it is all inclusive and is not partial to one over another.

If we wish to be living a life worth living then we need to recognize that all our problems are not a result of things that appear outwardly. When we see that all things have been given to us in this frame of reference, then the struggle ends and there is really only room for harmonious interactions with one another. This is the beginning of an abundance of joy. This knowing will lead to more unfolding which is the light within trying to shine outwardly. Much like the sun, it brings with it life. This is the life of someone that is in the act of awakening. It is the way to the “Christ” (awakened, anointed) the prince of peace within that brings us to the understanding…. that we all are already one with God. This is the joy and the resurrection of power within us waiting to be given new life.

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