Thinking Into Being…

The “In A Nutshell”, Short Version.

It is easy to think of something that you don’t like…. (The inverse of something that you would desire.)

Now, if you want something better, the trick is to live in a state of consciousness contrasting to that dislike. Believe it or not, it’s so easy, even a child can do it. You will however, need to invest some of your time to read on and reclaim those successes that have been eluding you and have escaped your notice. What follows will shake the foundation of your beliefs.

The first requirement is to imagine a thing desired, or ideal state, that you want to happen in your life. It does not need to be for yourself. Your desire can be for another’s well being as well. This requires you to think of your desire, that was given to you from a “higher state of consciousness”, so that you (or another) would be free from want and have a more abundant life. To bring this state to life it must be formed into a single scene that you would experience if your desire were already true. As an example, you would picture what you (or they) are doing (in action) while in this new and desired state. If it is something you would own, then you would be using it in first person in this scene. Touch it. Handle it. Do not even entertain the thought of how you will get it, thus limiting it’s coming. The power of the universe will draw it to you without your conscious help. This is “the seed” of your desire that has already fallen into the garden of your consciousness and it should be left alone after you have attended to the second step and made it feel natural. Having that ideal in your life, you will not have to continue to hold it in your mental grasp.

Now the second requirement is that you must add to this scene the feelings that would naturally accompany your desire as though it was already true for yourself, or another. You will find this feeling if you seek it. The feeling should be natural and easy to sense. You would more than likely be joyful that it is come into your life.

Having the faith of a mustard seed…

…is not referring to the amount of “faith” one must have, but of remaining true to the idea of what it is expressing as absolutely true already.  You must be “true” to the desire, just as a seed is true (faithful) to the “I am” that it is. You, or the seed, does not have to “try real hard” for it to be made real in your life.  It just happens naturally. It “is” the completed idea in its essence (the fruit of an already grown tree in consciousness). You must feel the freedom of having that desire fulfilled in this present moment as if it were already true as you have envisioned.  It is not something that “will happen”, but has already happened, just on a “higher dimension” (This is what Consciousness, your real self, is. The animating principle operating in a higher dimension).

“Being the change” in your thinking is your new “state” and should be accepted as an established truth in your reality. As an aside… Resisting or trying to change a “state” that has already been brought into being is like yelling at a wall and saying “Disappear!”. States do not change, but you pass through them into other “states”. There is no need to un-create what has already been made manifest. The old state of your life must no longer hold you, or else you “die” in that state. This is where you become lifeless, stagnant and resigned to your accepted “fate” (your ideas of not being in control). You must be “Born again”. Meaning consciously already in your new state to enter into that ideal, “heavenly” state which in turn manifests outwardly. This will happen naturally by your new thoughts and actions finding expressions within you, as you are thinking, again “from” this new state. Then, when remaining faithful to that idea, it will be created in the “real” world and your immaculate conception will follow (Every idea is the “Mary” giving birth that was not made from work done in the flesh (outer world), but of God (Consciousness). The projection (potential truth, your vision) will be seen outwardly and must be persisted in, in order for it be seen outwardly. This persistent effort is not a physical action, but a well developed inner envisioning of the end result (Your Alpha and Omega, the beginning of your desire and its end result). This imagination is best done in a relaxed state before falling to sleep. You can repeat this action in your thinking until you fall asleep. Upon waking there is no need to find or look for it. It will come in it’s due season. The seed was planted and the harvest will follow.

The former “old state” will pass away from want of attention. It is expressed in the wonderful concept of being “Born Again” as explained above. Nothing of the old life that is unwanted should find expression when thinking “from” your ideal state. This is not a “religious” tenent, but a spiritual truth. It is a conscious choice and decision one makes by recognizing your gift of the power of creation within you. This concept is the One sent of the “Father” to do “HIS” will. It is His son. The idea that would “save” you from your old state of lack and deliver you to this better life. It is your (Father) Undivided Consciousness sending you a promise (A Child). This is the very power everyone is endowed with and uses all the time that would save them if they believed in “Him” (The new state). We have only been blind to His working. It has been misunderstood and not consciously applied. It works for the good and the bad alike which brings us to our own responsibility for the life we have created. It works for the just and the unjust. You are not weak, but much more powerful than you have been aware of up to this point.

Today, right now, redeem that power that is yours and be freed from the sleep and bondage you, yourself, have subjected yourself to. Being a child of God (Consciousness), you will see that there is nothing separate from God (Consciousness). Your act of imagination is the awakened, redeeming power in this life that saves yourself and mankind and is the delight of your child. He is risen in you when you give Him your attention and your nurturing love.  “What you have done to the least of my creations, you have done to Me”.

See that this power we have been calling “Father in Heaven”, the “I Am”, is The True Power of The Universe that flows throughout every one of us. You must stop thinking and feeling divided because there is only a division when that is what you think about who you say you are. This greater power of Consciousness is never divided against itself. It works not in spite of what you think, it works by what you think. This is the power of the One doing the will of the One you were given and was with you from the beginning. God playing All the Parts. There are some thoughts that are “life giving” and others obviously not so. Choose only what you would have for yourself because what you choose for others returns to you in one form or another. “Love thy neighbor as thyself”.  This division is our sickness and the cause of incoherence that manifests within us when it is divided against itself. This Power is your “Prodigal Son” that has previously spent his inheritance foolishly. Now, knowing this truth, you can return to the former state of grace within and be redeemed and return to the oneness of an Undivided Consciousness (Returning to your Father).

This is the story of creation, and it is your autobiography.  If you want to know more of this “good news” that is a revelation about you, read the Bible with this undivided consciousness. All of its mysteries and stories are pointing to this most important concept that is designed to awaken “God the Father” within you and transform your life. God in you is worthy. You are the hero you wish to be. There is no need to rebel against anything because you are One with the Creator!

Warning, Spoiler alert: Your life will not be the same. The “End” of your desire being fulfilled is just the beginning and it starts whenever you are ready to know that this is the way and the truth. If your higher consciousness does not build, you build in vain. The “six days” you have done the work in changing the inner state of your “Being”. These states, or days, are not literally twentyfour hours. The next state (the seventh day) is to rest. This is the reason, mentioned above, to fall asleep having experienced your desire. Then it is said, My Grace is sufficient for you. Your “prayer” has been given rightly in this manner by claiming what you would have. You have been given the knowledge of good and evil and have fallen from a state of innocence only to find, that you, have found that this consciousness is made from the very source of you and “others”. You were never separated but by your own thinking. Now the time for Ideals are at hand. Make them and give them life. Live Consciously. Live Lovingly. It is your birthright. GOD THE FATHER BLESS YOU! (“The One who is Greater Within You”)


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