Your Keys To The New World…

To think that the “Holy Bible” is a literal document is obviously an absurdity. However, to not understand its “psychological” implications is equally an error. (“psychological” is just a fancy secular word for “spiritual idea”, but it is referring to an idea stemming from a corporeal body and does not fit into a “spiritual concept” spoken of here. You are not the animal of this world… “you are all gods and each of you are the children of the most high God”. Psalms 82, 6) To unlock the wisdom within its pages one must understand that the abstract states within oneself are referred to as the characters in this Great Work, known as the “Word”. Every mystery will be revealed that was hidden within it with this simple understanding.

The “I Am has sent me”

Meet and have a wonderful time with your Greater Consciousness within you. “He”, “God”, the “Lord” is your Greater Consciousness that does not live with you but is Your True self.  “He” is the “I am” within each of us. We are all “One” in Him (“there is none beside me”, says the Lord). You, your lesser consciousness (what you are aware of in the moment), need only touch “God” (The greater Consciousness) in yourself and imagine the “Good” to be One with Him. You are commanded to “take off your shoes” (not to think from this outside world of our senses but to revere the ideal state within the depth of your own conscious imagination.)

“He” has heard you already.

“I go to prepare a place that you may be there also”. The desire within you is from “Him” and you should feel as though “God”, the greater Consciousness, has done the work already (fulfilled your desire) and assume the feeling that it has been done (that you may be there also, your imagined ideal state). Do not look for worldly outside proofs but look with the inner eye of imagination (the stone that the builders had rejected) for what ought to be (whom do you say that “I am”? Or, “What would you have of me?”) This must be made the “chief cornerstone” (What you are imagining is the “I Am” that you decreed in that very imagining). No “words” need be uttered, or even thought, only see the harvest of your desire and imagine from the assumption that it is already true. We should not think of an outcome, but from the desire already fulfilled. Experience in your imagination, as first person, the desire fulfilled as if the ideal state already was real (It is already finished). We do not need to understand the way that it will manifest in our lives, but know it is in the wonderful capability of a powerful Consciousness known to us as…

“God”… Consciousness undivided (No respector of persons), Complete(Wholly) and Holy(Without Condemnation). Mistakenly called the “subconscious”. (This term will not allow you to identify your awareness to it because you are inferring that this great power is something beneath you, or that you would be unable to be conscious within it.)

The “I am” within you need only ‘touch the hem’ of this idea to be a healing force (to be “saved” from the concept of lack). Imagine the “good”, not only for others, but for yourself as well. Understand the gifts that you would give others, if they do not receive them, they will return to you, so only see the best in others. What you hold against anyone is held against you. I am going to say this again… realize that it will come to pass because the “I am” in you has sent(provided) this desire to you. One need only to reframe the “asking or pleading as a beggar,  to one of claiming your rightful inheritance as a child of “God”. We, our limited awareness within us, are the prodigal sons of this greater Consciousness within us. “He” has heard you already and you should feel as though the “One” greater within you has done the work already.  Only Imagine better and even though the reflection has not shown itself yet, the light that your consciousness gave to that promise (what you have sowed) is already making it’s way back to where you sent it and “it will not return to you void”. See and hold to that “truth” to which you gave to that end, though you cannot yet see it. The vision and your feeling are the “two that must agree and it will be given”. The “truth” here is counted as “righteousness” because of your faithfulness (loyalty) to this ideal state. Do not have the idea that the outward state must remain as you have made it in the past. This process you have been using all along in creating your life, but now or whenever you are ready, you can use it purposefully and mindfully….

In the Name of…

The “Name” is the (nature of the thing), to ask in the nature of the thing is to give and breathe life into it. “Knowledge of the good”(likened to water) is as knowing the path, and the “blood”  is actually the act of doing the good and making the name (word or nature) into flesh… ‘bringing the ideal (heaven) to this reality’ (our earthly realm). We are the Ones that bring “His” plan to this world through faith by doing the will of the holy spirit…. (Having a consciousness that is not divided, that loves others as “Himself” because we know we are all in this same “Consciousness”. This is the awakened “One” within us called the “Christ”(the literal meaning of “christ” is “fully awakened”). There are not two within you. Just as the sight of the eye can focus into a narrow beam or can take in an overall wider perspective, it is only One sight.  Our awareness is the narrow focus and the greater Consciousness is the bigger picture (I and my Father are one, “if your eye be single”).  Our sight can be directed anywhere within our imagination or directed outwardly into the universe (the reflection of what we have believed about ourselves). Our vision should be seeking first the ideal within and the fulfillment of the desire given to you in its purest form…to be free from bondage. You are meant to be the landlord, not a tenant. We should be investing our thoughts and our time, not spending them on the outward appearances. There is ONLY “God”(that undivided Consciousness). “Know thyself” is our first love and also a command… to be still and know that “I Am” God. You have the power to give life to your ideas because the one Consciousness, that is within you and has formed you from light, has made it that way. “He” forms the world and everything in it by this power, but the world does not know this emaculate power(Him). Your ideal is “emaculate” because the world of sensing has not given conception to it. The world will not reflect what ought to be unless you call it into existence first (as though it already were). This is the Good news that is meant to be shared but so few understand this. However we are not good teachers of that great understanding if we do not give it our life and make this idea real within ourselves first. We are “saved” from burning desires by this power of envisioning better (Hell, being the state of the desire unfulfilled). Do not reject this primary principle of building. When something does not go our way, we can redeem that situation by imagining better and making the ideal alive within us. Even the experienced past that was less than ideal can be redeemed… (even though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow). The world has to respond because that’s what it does. “Mother” nature reflects the Spirit of the “Father”. This is the “woman” that is commanded to be obedient to her husband and to be silent.  This was not a literal commandment. The edict(spiritual command) that we give, starts IN the “quantum” or primary level of our thoughts. This is the “Word” that Was, Is and Will Be and made into the light of the world which we see . It is a permanent edict that we are all a part of. Imagine better and though the reflection has not shown itself yet, the light that your consciousness gave to that promise (what you have sowed) is already making it’s way back to where you sent it and it will not return to you void. See and hold to that truth to which you gave to that end.

How long before these things will be? Time, times and half a time….

As was stated before… “Knowledge of the good”(likened to water) is as knowing the path, and the “blood”  is actually the act of doing the good and making the name(word or nature) into flesh… ‘bringing the ideal (heaven) to this reality’ (our earthly realm). The Christ, or awakened One within you, must be “crucified”. This must not be taken as being put to death. One gives his “blood” for the remission of sins willingly. In other words we must be dead to the old self (the outer world of what was made manifest in the past) and be a new witness to  the truth of our desire (Be born again). In order to be “born again” we must accept this idea and be as the Christ. We must not take anything from our old life or old state of consciousness with us into the desired state of consciousness. We must not live as if in the state of that which we lacked. How long will you stay in this state of lack? Until you choose to give life to the new state and let the past “die” by your willing choice. You must forgive what you have done in the past and use your consciousness to envision a new world. What you give your imagination and intention to, “there will you be also”.

Do not think that this will spoil the mystery of your life or take away the devotion of your faith but that you may believe this truth and be blessed with a wonderful life and be a blessing to those that have not seen this truth as yet. Go and tell no man, for your desires are your own and for you alone. There is no “one” to change except for your limiting beliefs and your understanding of what is. You do not need to save others but only share your “BEING”(the embodiment) that which gives life, power and understanding to your perceptions concerning that which is around you. Let “that” light shine before those that have not “seen” yet. Give good gifts as a perfect Father would give to his children. This is the garden (world, earth, soil) that we are tending. Imagine better than the best we have so far created. Ask yourself… If this is not the essence of faith, than what is? Look with new eyes to see your new world. This is the Genesis of the new kingdom on Earth and only the beginning of wisdom. This “Faith” is the key to your heavenly garden and is the general theme of this “Word” in both the old and the new testament. This “word” is that which is given to us as a “child”, and he is “One that delights”. Enter into this Greater Consciousness and then you will “See” the world in a New “light” just as the “One” that is undivided, that has no condemnation for another, because this Is the “Way”.


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