The Depth of Your Being

The “Word” Was God…

Being, having or doing that which you “want” will take more imagination than you have yet been using.

One can say this with authority because it is our life that is based on our true beliefs, and we “want” that what we don’t have. These beliefs that you have about yourself are displayed in this realm you are experiencing outwardly in your life. (It is given according to your beliefs) Also, these desires are given to you from a deeper consciousness within you. Often we don’t fully understand why we want something and we blame others or something outside ourselves for life’s “problems” that are confronting us because we are unaware of the first cause.

The real is called into being and is done within your inner life and is subtly experienced prior to its “becoming” outwardly. What you expect does and needs to be given the truth of being real before it is expressed as “real”. This is already being done by us. However, for the most part it is done unconsciously because we have not directed our thoughts in a manner that correctly corresponds to our wishes. We have to understand this important fact.  That state which we know to be true, more of “that” is given to us. It does not necessarily have to be a verbal statement or even mental talk. “The enemy is of one’s own household”, meaning within your own thinking and not the “people” in your place of dwelling.  In our minds we want something and then we think we are not worthy or that it’s impossible without some other condition happening that will bring about that which we want. This unconscious enemy that thwarts yourself from having what you want would be something that you identify yourself as being or are holding in your consciousness. It does not matter whether you think it’s good or bad, holding it within and charging those thoughts with emotion tends to give you more of the same. Being in lack and pleading for that which you do not have, is only confirmation that you are “wanting”. It is a belief that you do not have what you want.

(…who is within me is greater than he who is within the world…)

To be absent from the flesh and be present with the Lord, is to be in the spirit of the desire that He has given you and to not look at the outer circumstances.  We may desire a thing, in which case we would see ourselves as already having that thing in our imagination. Having the good is just as easy as identifying ourselves with that which we have not wanted. To have what you want, the inner vision would include an act of using it and having felt its presence in your life as if you already were using it or seeing it in its place. You would not see yourself as a 3rd person, but in first person. It must be made real in your thoughts with as much clarity as possible. We should not look at the world outside of ourselves as the first cause. It is, what it is, based on our ideas. We will forever be tossed about in darkness if we think this outer world has molded us. We have the power to choose what gives this realm life or we can be its unsuspecting servant. This was expressed with the idea of Abraham. He was given a son from a “servant” but the promise(his desire) was fulfilled through faith. Science has discovered this quantum field that responds to our expectations just as the prophets and seers of old knew. Our fixed ideas are our link to this quantum field. It is God within you that people mistakenly have called the “subconscious” or “quantum field”. There is no “subconscious”, it is only consciousness undivided and unconditioned. “I am the Lord and beside me is no other”. There is only God. You can speak with the authority of Christ, “I and the Father, are One.

A house is not built without plans, the same as a life is not an ideal one, unless you understand, believe and feel as though it is real before seeing it outwardly. Then we can simple wait to see it outwardly or else we “build in vain”, because it is the Father that does the work. His ways are past finding out. We are aware that these plans are necessary but we still waste our time and energy doing the outward laboring or seeking outwardly first. As an aside, this outward seeking was represented by Dante as the inverted realm of hell in his work the Inferno. Seek wisdom first, then the ideal will present itself and it will have a way to manifest. It will be much better in becoming a reality instead of us relying on blind hopes and empty prayers directed to some nonexistent God outside of yourself. The kingdom of heaven and God is within you, not outwardly. He is your complete consciousness and is not divided and “He” has always been with you since the beginning. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. The “I Am”, the “Way” the” truth” and the “Light” is the same as saying…that which was, what is and what will be and the manifested idea which has been made real, and this is what we actually see with the eyes of flesh. (Let there be light). It is the wave made into the particle by the decree of the “word”. This word is not in need of being spoken, it is our “knowing”.

There are not two of you inside of yourself.

To awaken to this understanding is to know the “Christ”(The awakened one). When you consciously identify being “One” with Him who sent you (full consciousness) then the two shall be One. The small portion that is given to you as “your conscious thinking self” will become much much more based on your true belief (that what you know to be true). Believing is a poor word to substitute for living in faith and knowing. Faith is something trusted and proven to be trustworthy. This “Faith” is taken as the truth because you know it to be true. When we start understanding the true meaning of this “Word” our inner life is transformed in a twinkling of an eye. There is no transformative power that suddenly happens at our death, but the seed cannot grow if it is not dead to this outer world. . It must happen, this rebirth before one dies in their “sin”. To “sin” is to miss the mark. This means to not realize the goal that the Father has given you as a desire. To be overwhelmed with the outward appearances and doubt the promise given to you pertaining to your faith is to “die in one’s sins”. No man will receive anything when he doubts. You must imagine better and hold to that promise (That you may have life and more abundantly).

Know that struggles seen outwardly are only testimony of what you have made real inwardly and are based on your ideas of yourself so far and is rooted in the past. Do not rob God of the chance to be expressed through you by basing your future on your past. You are only hurting yourself and taking Gods nature(name) in vain.  Humility is a virtue and will keep you from corruption, but it is a false humility that one has that makes the Father in himself small and takes away the true glory of His and your “Being”. (Roman 14:22 So whatever you believe about these things keep between yourself and God. Blessed is the one who does not condemn himself by what he approves.) This was the command to Mary, “go and tell no man”. This is to let the idea you desire to gestate into reality without hearing others reflect the same doubts you would have. This inner vision that you would see made manifest is best done right before going to sleep. It is much like releasing the seed into the earth. The work is finished and harvest time will follow. Should you think that something  more should be done. Only hold true to your vision. It is the Father that does the work.

We are here to awaken to that which is already within us and to learn this first principles of creation. Arise and be redeemed to the realm of permanence from where your true self awaits resurrection. This is being born again. No thing of this world will hold you in bondage any longer unless you yourself allow it by your limiting beliefs. This is the temple that is thrown down and not one stone will be left standing. Meaning the understanding of this physical world, you will no longer hold in high esteem. You will see that it has robbed you of the glory that was meant for you and everyone. “It has become a den of thieves and a house of iniquity.” This was not a judgemental statement. It was a figurative one. These are “spiritually discernible” but the worldly will not know Him who is within.

Allow your light to shine before men…

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