I Am…yes, that “I Am”

You aren’t who you think you are. You are much more!

You may have your doubts about who you are. You may not think that you are a genius only because you have not realized the source of your intelligence. There is a field of information that holds all there is to know. If you are willing to take a short adventure, and read on, you can transcend into a life with more energy, understanding and joy that your reality has yet revealed to your consciousness. Are you ready?

Energy, Energy Everywhere.

The spectrum of energy that is perceived by the human animal is a very narrow band. Very much like our understanding of perceptible light, a very narrow range that our eyes are able to translate signals in these frequencies . The frequencies of this light, as we already know, is full of information. Science has revealed that we can determine by the information in this light what elements make up distant suns, planets and even asteroids. This broadcasted information is available no matter where we are standing and also when (as we are hurtling through space). It is like a radio broadcast that is sent out in every direction. As long as your receiver has the right resonance with the signal it can pick it up. This is quite fundamental but it’s implicactions apply to many levels of energy, from the extremely subtle, or very high vibrations, to the extremely low frequencies. This would also include the frequencies of our thoughts that are similarly broadcasted.

Mankind’s Receptors…

To keep things simple we can compare our brains to a television set. Our bodies are merely an interface for our subtle energy frequencies to experience this thing we call life. The brain firing its nuerons and forming an organic antenna can pick up the signal that we are focusing on. It’s a way for our subtle energies to know what chocolate taste like, what compassion and love is like. Yes, and some of the lower frequencies as well can be experienced. In fact we have hardly yet begun to know our true potential because we are stuck in some of these lower frequencies. Fear has led many spiraling down a dark path. What we perceive in our life has, and always will, follow our expectations. And, with emotional feelings we give force to the visions that we have chosen to give our focus to. Light is perpetuated by an electric element and a magnetic one. In the same way our thoughts are broadcast outward electrically and our emotions are the magnetic part giving our signals that perpetuating force.

The Path of Least Resistance…

We do not need to do battle to vanquish the enemy or fight against ourself in order to change and be something better. We simple need to give our attention to something better and feel the greatness of that thing as if it is here now. We are to be the change that we wish to see in ourselves or others. This gives others, not only a good example, but also, permission to be something more themselves. Because others see the benefit of such kind acts, they are more apt to have empathy as well and do the same. Helping someone to their feet when they have fallen, letting someone go ahead of you in traffic instead of cutting them off, helps others give these same gifts of kindness. These frequencies have a higher energy level and raise, or boost that signal that is sent out to this unified field. This gives the system, as a whole, a better potential that is able to do more than just suck the energy from mankind. Compassion and understanding and a little humility go a long way and prevent such escalated fears that leads to a mentality of survival and even wars. We are hardly going to be willing to join some crusade if it hurts the people we call friends. When we see our true potential is augmented by such higher ideals and how we can prosper, the problems of the past will fall away without even having had to resist them.

To Be or No To Be?

If we were to take what the double slit experiment has given us and analyze it we would see that the wave is every potential possiblity that this omnipresent energy field can contain. When the wave collapses by an act of observation and expectation it forms a particle (what we perceive as “real”). We are faced with the implications that what we expect creates an outcome, at least at some small level. Things you have not seen, but expect to see.
Now take the idea that you are not your body but a very subtle energy being. We have different terms that we use for this but we are refering to our true self which is beyond this host that we call flesh. We hold the key in our hand now to the working of every miracle, phenomena and spiritual ideas known to man.

Occam’s Razor…

The ideas just given are the male and female principles that give birth to creation in this matrix of energy. We have been living in and are awakening to just the beginning of our potential. This cycle in our consciousness has been growing and is gaining efficiency. The things that no longer serve us are going to be abandoned once we realize that the energies we are spending are a waste or our time. The New ideas are going to be simple solutions that will replace our outdated way of doing things. New ideas that are already here are being excepted and implemented by the pioneers that are not afraid of change. Change is part of this world and is nothing to be feared. While a step into the unknown can be quite the act of courage, it is not the unknown that you are expected to be taking with such a leap of faith.

A Change In Thinking…

The “faith” part has been our stumbling block and has been misunderstood for sometime. We have misused this term in the past because what we have thought was faith has been substituted be something lesser. The confusion with “faith” lies within its broad interpretation and application. We have used “faith” as some sort of religious term that implies a belief system that we place our trust in, but not really requiring any proof. This does not give a person a very good place to stand or build a house on when the shifting sands of emotions tend to change as often as or thinking does. In other words, if we are going to use the evidence of what we see now as proof of what our future holds then we will be stuck in the same things that we have created for ourselves. We need to use a better vision or version of what can be. To create a blueprint for this energy field to manifest something better our ideals need to be given our attention and not give any attention to the things we fear might happen. We got what we asked for, but we did not realize that we were even asking. We need to change the way we think. The true “faith” part is taking actions that support what you envisioned and knowing it is already available to you now (that it is actually already come to pass). By doing that we now need to move to the last step. Feeling how you would feel once it has come to pass in the now, before there is any evidence of it being seen. Realize that the collapsed particle is a record of the past. Something that is already past cannot possibly show you your ideal. The ideal vision is up to you. It is yours to choose each new moment. Old beliefs and ideas that are limiting need to be let go of.

Steps of Gestation…

The aspects of the male and female principles joined together in matrimony can rightly expect the birth of their seed to bring fruit into this matrix. The immaculate ideal is brought into this world when our expectations are never polluted with something as base as doubt or the idea that you are not deserving or believing that the “history will repeat itself”. As we hold true now, it is unrealistic to think that all the intricacies of a complex system could be formed in a moments notice. We may learn how someday because we can imagine it. However, the subtle energy could be exponentially alot faster since it shows itself to be that way with broadcasted signals. So we may be simply changing the subtle energy around someone that we “pray” for and the miracles happen. Cancerous tumours shrink away in time. Distructive attitudes can change much faster and sometimes shift with a mere word or simple realization.

A Peek Into Heaven…

I am having the same adventure and I am not the teacher for others to follow. These ideas are not mine but are available to everyone because we all are able to receive these broadcasted signals. Most of these ideas are already being shared on YouTube and all of scriptures are trying to convey these ideas. We just have not made the connection to their correspondences yet. This adventure, that we are all invited to, is not a new thing, but our perspectives are continually improving and we are all more than we once thought we were. We are much more than our bodies and much more than our brains. We use these to learn how to be creators. You, (your “I”), “and God are One”… Do not devote yourself to being spiritual… you are spiritual having a human experience. Do not try to love others… Own that you are Love. Do not seek to have… You own it already. Do not fear what others can do to you or take from you… You can not be harmed, nor touched. You will not Go to heaven… you were born In heaven. What you are experiencing is what you are creating. If it does not suit you. Then change the within and the without will reflect it. Ride that quantum wave like a ‘Surf Ninja’ and realize… what if you could?

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