We Deceive Ourselves…

If you were to take notice of the people going into where you work, it’s a bit obvious that several are not too thrilled about being there. On the other hand you can see that when they are leaving… well, look at those smiles. Based on this fact, one could say, “work” makes people happy.

By chance there may be a few where this is the case. For those that enjoy what they do for a living at least. In reality we can see that this isn’t really the case and this “fact” is quite laughable. A little more information and we know that most are just happy to be leaving the work place.

It’s a very limited view that we base our “facts” on and often draw erroneous conclusions when we go by just our observations. We often laugh just after we realize we made this simple mistake and move on. After all most everyone has heard the cliche that ‘looks are deceiving’.

What We Think We Know

When we read something, in whatever source we choose, the trap that we usually fall into is thinking we understand something when instead of realizing that what we have gathered is only data. To be able to recite data, even if we use our own words, does not equate to understanding all of the dimensions of which that data represents. After all, the words we use are really just symbols describing something else. Often our words are misinterpreted or we are misusing them by not knowing their essence. When we realize the gaps in our communication we often start moving towards being more aware of what we are actually trying to convey to others. This requires a reassessment of what we think we “know”. Many of the general terms we use in our everyday language have a profound impact on our lives that can mean our success, or our undoing. Let us explore that last statement before just rejecting or accepting it, as it is a important fundamental step to opening a chance for us to greatly enhance our lives. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.

The Depth of Meanings

How relevant is the symbol or word we choose to use? And, what kind of impact will it have if it is not clearly understood by others or even ourselves. Ask ten people, “What does the word ‘faith’ mean?” See if you do not get eleven different answers, including your own. Humanity will be at war over this for a long time to come until they can see the root of this problem. We need to understand this impasse before a solution will present itself. To help clarify the actual problem, we need to see the difference between what is data and what the thing is behind the symbol that is the source of our self deceptions. Then we need to see why it is relevant and the effects it has on us personally and are we truly understanding the “spirit of the word” within us.

Clearly people’s beliefs will be having a deep impact that is based on how devoted they are to their personal beliefs. How invested have we become to protect those ideas that we have identified with? Whether those ideas serve us or are correct or not, is seen when those ideas get challenged. At least it appears to be a challenge. I am not suggesting that anyone should be challenging your faith. I am only pointing out that we ourselves should reassess what we think we know so that we can go to a deeper understanding that isn’t really classified as data but more of a living experienceOnce we make that distinction it will be easier to see that we have more control of what is going on inside of our own minds.

Raw Data To Conclusions

If you desired to have a wonderful meal and then you got all the ingredients that you wanted together, piled it on a plate and just tried to eat it without preparation, it would be a little less than wonderful. We are figuratively doing this in our own life if we do not distill our ideas into a palpable dish that is worth presenting to ourselves and those around us. If these ideas of ours are only “half baked” it would soon become rather obvious that this would be causing some “digestion” problems. Mostly people that are on the receiving end will not be able to digest what you are trying to convey to them because of gaps in our thinking. Anyway, the most primary thing about preparing a great tasting meal is knowing that the ingredients that we use need to work together. A cursory glance at the problems of our world today would not give one the impression of a cohesive whole working together towards the benefit of all, and why would it?

In order for us to go deeper into understanding our problem or the thing that divides us, we have to take a closer look at our “ingredients”. If we look closely at any object in our reality and simply understand that it is a conglomeration of smaller parts that have come together in “cooperation” we will be able to pave the way to understanding our larger reality and have better access and effectiveness in its creation. For any object, the energy within it has to be in agreement with the neighboring energy that is making it up. It does not matter what size it is, from the smallest to the greatest and no matter how complex it is, it cannot cohere without this cooperation and bonding. All of life is made from the same stuff, energy, just in different proportions as everyone is told in school. At an energy level there is no separation. It is a sea of energy and everything in it is that energy. We don’t see this, for us, it is merely an abstraction but none the less the implication is there. We are all part of a whole in larger ways as well, not just atomically. Now how much cooperation and coherency our different systems will or do exhibit will depend on each of its parts and their willingness to contribute to it’s intended “reason for being”.

Willingness To Include

Knowing that everything is energy and connected has not really been a part of our actual understanding or experience because the things we see in this reality seem to be separate, self contained units and divided by boundaries. If we observe closely, our senses are built to observe this “outside” to help us with our mere survival in the environment of this heavenly body in space we call Earth. Our senses testify to this “separate-ness” but it does not say much about our own insides. We can feel a stray hair on the outside but we are not very aware of the blood traveling throughout the extensive course of veins and capillaries and are carrying our energies with it. Without this understanding of the connections that we have to everything we will remain in our separate-ness and doomed to the prison of our bodies missing the opportunity to be boundless. This connection is a simple realization that can make a huge difference in your happiness. Once this connection is made you will see that many things will just seem to fall into place. Many synchronicities will start happening in an increasing frequency. You will see others as you see yourself. You will be aware of your flaws and be just as understanding with others as you are with yourself. Many things will become more clear and new associations will become apparent.  The life within you will be renewed each day. If your life is like mine you will appreciate more of what this life is giving you. However if you don’t see this connection it will be like groping around in the dark. Much of your life energies will be spent in conflicts. It is tantamount to being separated from your true source.

The Matrix Reloaded And Your New Life

Identifying with the universe and its benefits is a complete transformation from our old way of boxed in thinking or being stuck in the flesh. It is beyond our human brain and it’s limitations but at the same time we have a wonderful interface that allows us to explore our possibilities. The happiness that one feels being connected with everyone, and even things, is a consequence of harmonious interactions. You choose to be pleasant and others reflect it back. They are open because you are honest and sincere. They are friendly because you are understanding and considerate. They are at your side because you have their best interest reflected in your actions, not by sweet words or coercing. When it comes to business, it does not require a hard hand or harshness to be a manager or a leader or to let someone know that there are more efficient ways of getting things done. If we look at our place in this world and then our place in the universe, we will see that we are a small speck compared to its grandness. A little bit of humility goes a long way when dealing with others. They, like ourselves, are doing the best they can. All it takes is a little energy into being pleasant and considering others needs as important as your own. After all, pleasantness is what all of us are hoping for. Being able to see and understand this makes for an environment that will be more conductive to our growth as a whole. This translates as making our “failure to communicate” into everyone’s shared success.

“Faith” To Actions

These ideas shared here, I cannot take credit for. These are taught as Christian tenants found in scriptures. Not only in the Bible are they found but in other faiths and their writings as well. If theses ideas seem foreign or you do not think their meanings are hidden in their words, it’s time to rethink what you “know”.  Much of their teachings are hinting at the same things, only like ourselves, they are using their own words for explaining similar principles. If you do not agree with religion in general, that’s okay too. You are welcome to believe whatever you choose of course. Others can tell you whatever they want, but it is up to us as individuals to be responsible for our own life just as it is for all life on this planet. We create the environment by the things that we do, and do not do. It is actions that produce results. The thoughts and feeling may steer the direction, but they are fleeting and their results are not as weighty as what we are actually doing. Obviously, we will need to be doing the right kinds of things to make the results work for us. We have heard about “good intentions” but look where they have gotten us. We need to “know” that we are not better than others, we are the same. Do not despair at the mess we’ve made, let’s just stop making the mess. We don’t recognize our self deception until we shoot ourselves in the foot. Then what are we going to stand on but the sinking sand that we currently find ourselves in. Will we leave our world better than we found it? Or, maybe we don’t recognize the needs of our children and our grandchildren as important as our own? Change your thinking and your doing and get the results that you are deeply longing for.

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