God’s Eyes In Man’s Body

A Cure For Myopía

Seeing life in reverse has given mankind, in general, a form of myopic vision. This outer vision has slowly blinded us all from the greater vision that our true being within us has to offer. We have accepted this current way of life as our fate that has been handed us through circumstances.

What I am referring to is our “power of imagination”. It’s unuse has enslaved mankind because we allow ourselves to believe “those in a position of power”, some perception of “cause” outside of ourself. Biblically we have “wanted a king to be our ruler”. What was supposed to be gleened from this parable is that we are always meant to be “self responsible”, so that we are not made into slaves and be ruled over. This, in reality, is allowing circumstances to rob you of the true potential within you. The potential of the imagination goes untapped if you do not use it to see the ideal state in the “minds eye”.

A healthy vision starts with a hopeful and loving attitude towards the things of this world. All things that you can experience pass through your minds eye. They are internal and should be subjected to this idea of love. This is why we are told to think on those things that are lovely. They are the beginning of creation within. They bring about the “vegetation” on which the “animals” of emotions feed. That which we feed, grows and is eventually expressed outwardly. What has cast us from a heavenly state is not recognizing this correlation within ourselves.

To give birth to your ideas a conception has to take place. Was that concept made fertile by thoughts of love that you envision from within or was it in response to discontent? There is an important distinction between the two. One is an immaculate conception because the life within you gave attention to love and compassion towards a future state of hopeful encounters. On the other hand was the concept that someone or something outside of yourself was not working towards your good or the good of the situations externally. The conception was an impregnation from without. It was only how your minds eye sees the circumstances that you need be observant of. It is a conscious choice to make at every moment and every circumstance one faces. It is an internal and “eternal now” choice.

We are encouraged to “store up treasures in heaven”.

The things we speak of are from the treasures of the heart and revisit us often because of the ideas we hold in that mirror of the mind. It is a reflection of our “reflections”, what we have thought about. The ideas that we share, are they worthy to be shared or are they conversations of our discontent? These ideas we hold, are the parents of these conversations that and will either lead us to a utopia or a greater separation from our ideal state. Why would we choose anything less than what causes joy and peace to ourselves and the ones we love? This is God’s eye in the body of man. This life that you hold is truly powerful. “Use it well”.

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