Unconscious Choices and Where They Lead

We live in a world of energy and we are an intricate part of that energy. All that we do makes an impact on the whole.

     If you work in a place where the people do not feel a connection to one another, the energy of that system slowly depletes. Many of the practices fall prey to the destructive forces of “I don’t care”. These ideas of separation, and “people make mistakes”, takes its toll on a system. The price that is paid amounts to more energy and resources getting used to repair the “I didn’t know”, the “I wasn’t trained”, “It was an accident” and the “You didn’t tell me”. The one main ingredient that is lacking that stemmed these responses is “Caring”. Caring about how our actions affect the whole, and is of vital importance for our systems to function beneficially.

     We know that having concern for our loved ones inspires our thoughts to provide an environment that is encouraging and supportive. Often it is difficult when we are faced with trying to correct a situation that seems to have stopped the forward momentum to where we want to be. Correction seems to be an unpleasant area that many tend to avoid, or even worse, trying to force someone to behave differently. For correction to be accepted, it is important that it is not perceived as an attack. It is only uncomfortable when this caring is absent from either the giver or the recipient. We are not better than others. We are here to help one another in building a conscientious and increasing awareness of the greatest potential that resides in us all. It is our task to be aware that others have the same freedom of choice when it comes to what they think about. To initiate change in order to nurture this growth, it requires this instinct to care for others. The more we neglect this aspect of caring about others, will only continue to lead us in the same direction it has led us to so far.

Awakening To Our Assumptions

     How many times have you come out of a situation where it felt like it could have happened better, and the interaction should have gone better? When you wanted something to change for the better, it only seemed to have gotten worse because you did not communicate the intent behind your inner ideas of making it better.

    Often times we are in such a hurry to get our point across we forego the pleasantries of tact, politeness and caring. We have assumed that another is ready to receive the information that we want to convey without any regard to what they have been focused on. When these assumptions are made, it can often give an impression that you do not have the other’s best interests in mind. Who would be receptive to what you have to say, when it appears that you are careless about how they feel or what they are going through?

     To have effective communication, we need a quality of mindfulness that surpasses our current habits that these unsavoury exchanges have robbed us of. That is to say, many moments of joy and a feeling of connectedness slipped through our grasp. This not only applies to a work environment, but to all interpersonal relationships. To have gotten a truly beneficial idea communicated and well received, is indeed a true blessing for all concerned. It builds favorable relationships at every turn. So how can we rid ourselves of these destructive assumptions?

Knowing The Path

     Not everyone is clear on knowing what they want. If a person has a clear vision of their desire, it is much the same as a building having a blueprint to follow for it’s construction. Every detail is built up in the imagination of it’s architect before it is even considered to be built. Many of it’s details are like our lives, which is built on the understanding that we have gained from others. It has always been a group effort that produces the things we enjoy as a community, whatever it’s size. It applies to 2 people having a relationship as much as a city, country or this globe that is merely a speck in the universe. It is a principle that applies to every scale. It is a principle that includes others as much as ourselves. There is not a need to feel a shame for this past oversight, it only requires the mindfulness that we ever increasingly use it for…

Walking The Path

“Feelings” are an intricate part of being a human being. They are an aspect of the energy that I was referring to in the very beginning of this article. They are also closely tied to the actions we take in many things that we do. They may very well be part of an important trinity that we may have not been aware of and are trying to get balanced out in our inner being. We have many energy centers that seem to be giving us information about ourselves. There are many writings about these energetic centers that allude to something nonphysical about ourselves. They are pointing the way to a universal consciousness within us that has power over the physical.

To avoid the many names that our ancestors have come up with, let’s just say this consciousness is our true essence. This essence is always in a true freedom of choice. We have a model as humans, where we think we are bound to this physical apparatus and thus bound by it’s physical limits. Consciousness has no such limit, it is free to make any choice. To lead others or to be lead is always within our power. To inspire for good or to destroy what is perceived to be undesirable, is just as much within our array of choices. We can choose to listen to our thinking, we can choose to go with the feelings from our heart or we go by the instinct of our gut, to put it in the terms of speach that we are accustomed to.

When we align these principle areas in our thinking, and they work together, that is when our true power comes to the surface. We become super human or something more than just being human. Our capacity increases to understand more, to care more and to accomplish the truly miraculous in all areas of our life. It is said a veil is lifted from our eyes (understanding). It is an understanding that is more than we ourselves can take the credit for, as it comes from a boundless source. Luckily it is accessible to all under the correct conditions. Yes, there are conditions. Mainly it involves abandoning the little ideas of self and embracing the all, where it includes others as was suggested earlier.

When Belief Becomes Knowing

Speaking for myself, there feels like something greater is possible. What that greater is, takes on many forms throughout each and every moment of each and every day. It is constantly reshaping to better and better circumstances and situations. One could say, I was filled with hope. Hope is only a part of that feeling. It is a genuine care for others that has transformed much of my thinking, feeling and doing. It is more than compassion. It is understanding that there is a connection in a deep way that goes beyond what we can see outwardly. It is also a recognition of other’s freedom of choice. It leads to a gentle giving of ideas for others to accept willingly or not. It makes one a type of super salesman, you can not force someone to buy something but, you may show them the item is worth possessing. Opening up a way for someone to the path of their own true potential, allows you to enter into yours. How can there be a place of peace if others around you are struggling. When you take the time to show others that they are important and their presence is meaningful, that their insights and opinions matter, that they are already in agreement with you in this regard, is when there is peace and goodwill outwardly expressed. This is what changes the storms with which we are tossed about into smooth sailing.

You Are Already

Being free to make a choice in this moment gives you power over your life at this very instance. The idea that trips us all up at one time or another is thinking in a particular way. This way is easily overcome if you are shown the trap that snares you. We are shown from a very young age that if something happens then there is a result. There is nothing wrong with this scientific method. The problem occurs when we apply it to something that operates differently. In a computer system, there is a conditional coding statement that is used to define a logic process. It is an… If, Then – statement. It is very useful to show a repeatible outcome. If you add 2 chemicals together Then you will get an outcome. The quantum level, we have been told, does not have the same rules that follow regular physics. This applies to our inner processes that only can express our true freedom. Our thinking can shift instantly and is not limited to location. We can instantly think of either a pleasant situation or something we would not like to think about. We can be grateful or angry simply by choice in any given situation. This scientific model clearly does not apply to an infinite choice. “If I had this, then I would be joyful”, is such a trap because you can choose to be grateful for something that was unpleasant because it made you realize something wonderful about yourself. You accepted the situation even though it was “unpleasant” and you would have not chosen something unpleasant had you not perceived some benefit. Mother’s appear to do this all the time when in fact they are usually motivated for the good of their child more than the “sacrifice” they appear to have experienced. It was done truly out of love.

It is manipulation when trying to make others feel compelled to be, feel or do something, out of guilt and is not done out of true love and caring. It is the single most destructive force in relationships because others know, even if just subconsciously they are being counted as unworthy. When we give others the same consideration without hypocrisy, we can build this utopian world we all hope for. That is, before we get lost in this false programming we have currently “chosen” to believe in and think that it has validity. Each of us is worthy of our potential. We just need to see that potential, first in ourselves, and by extension in everyone around you. We are connected not by the physical but by they energy we radiate. It is the responsibility for those that see and understand these things to point the way to others by showing the choices that are available, instead of trying to benefit from others for their own gain or in order to get people to comply to demands. The need to explain the good for following such practices in any situation is not always apparent when others have the freedom to choose what to think about. It is not for us to force others but, to be a good example for others to follow. How else will our loved ones, peers and those that tend to think they have authority over us, learn?

This is our greatest work… To increase our conscious awareness with ongoing conviction of the true potential that we ARE already, and for the benefit of all.

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