Unconditional Love’s Perspective


I have heard when someone wants to share their opinion on the state of our governmental body that too often it is in the negative form. Just as often, the reply from someone that has something in defense, is that we don’t have something better for a recourse. Following the discussion, being accompanied by many nods of accent. While this may be a general view of our current state of affairs, there is “something” that may work with another form of cooperative effort that our current system was intended to do from it’s inception.

Wait! Don’t stop reading. This isn’t about our political system at all. What I would like to draw your attention to is the governing principle that is inside of us. Something that all of us have internally that applies to mankind universally. It is the God like presence of our own subconsciousness that rules suppreme. “I am” is the power of it in action when we use such a statement. Too often we have used it in vain because we have been unaware of it’s true power acting in our lives. Statements such as… “I am not feeling well”, has taken too much goodness from our consciousness because we have taken it into our thinking as the truth. In short, we believed it to be so. Thinking it is so, or expecting it to be so, is what makes that wave of energy into a structured particle when other wise it would have been just a passing wave of feeling. It is what we truly believe to be, and so it is. The issue is, that we have grown accustomed to believing what we see outwardly. Instead of realizing that it was manifested from our past beliefs. We make assumptions about others, which is too easily made and not recognized as a judgement. It is the judgement of a book by it’s cover. We look at others and make snap judgements based on only a small potion of who they really are. One moment of an unconscious action and we want to throw out the baby with the bath water because of the error of their ways. We deem others at fault, unworthy or worse, condemned to eternal flames as if we have a right to pass such a judgement upon another. More then often, this is only used to manipulate someone into another behavior and just another form of control from the outer world trying to get it’s way.

The Fall

The real problem we have as human beings, is that we see no connection to the whole of humanity. We do not see conscious awareness as a whole. We think “God in us” means fractured into billions of separated “individuals”. What is really being said here, is that we are an indivisible global community in consciousness. We all want to be happy, secure and preferably not to be oppressed in any way. We want freedom. Freedom from being ruled by tyrants or anyone wanting to take advantage of us. Freedom from any corruptive kind of oppression or abuse. They say freedom isn’t free to justify taking it by force or by manipulation of the masses. It’s a mob or gang mentality that believes a majority has more say than the individual who is self governed by his own conscience. If you understand that this is truly a destructive and oppressive behavior that needs to be changed then you should continue reading to the end of this article to see just how easy it can be to create something better.

For a government outside of ourselves to function beneficially, the parts that make-up it’s constitution have to have an incorruptible character. Who of us has that quality? We all may fall short with this kind of power over others. Here is the problem with “voting”, we are trying to force our decisions on others. Who are we to judge? We are not being given this authority over anyone other than over our own self. We hardly judge ourselves correctly if we think we can, or should, take power over others.

The real issue is, we fear each other because we do not trust others to use their own power wisely to the benefit of all when we are dealing with adults, or we do not take the effort or time to explain the risk or the benefit to our children that have not yet become mature enough to understand it for themselves and then not taking the time to do so we choose expediency by forcing them to comply. We not having an understanding of ourselves, perpetuate our own separation. The very thing that would unite us is of course inclusiveness.

Want a utopian world? What would that look like? Can anyone have a vision that encompassing? A vision that includes those universal desires, mentioned above, that provides all these things to the whole of humanity? Of course physical needs should be available to all without concern for cost and would include housing and utilities, travel, medical care. Obviously it would be a work in progress to plan and implement such ideas, as each of our own lives are a work in progress as well.

Who can say that they will not change if they continue to expand the consciousness within because we can make a choice from moment to moment to do so? Where will humanity be if we do not collectively seek these universal desires actively and institute them into our way of life? 

The Matrix

As in the movie with the same name, which is a guide to freeing our own mind from our limiting beliefs… the question is “Do you want to make the personal choice to wake up?” Or,  continue this existence and believe these systems of control are for your benefit? Are you ready for the veil to be lifted from your eyes? 

If you choose to go blindly into the future, because you believe the old adage that “Ignorance is bliss” than here is where you may choose to take the proverbial blue pill and stop reading and continue believing whatever you want. I am not going to tell you what to believe. I am only offering you a way to finding the truth for yourself, and a way to a more abundant life. 

The Red Pill, Returning To Oneness

We need to find where we are at in our life in order to move forward from here, if we do not want to be stuck where we are at. Are you ready for change? You must become a neophyte and, also a dreamer and turn to your inner thoughts, if you are ready for the change you have been hoping for. 

I am glad you are curious enough to continue, even if you have not committed to changing the world as you know it, single handedly. Believe me, you are not alone anyway, so to speak.

There is truly only oneness already in your life. You have control within your own being to reject or accept anything here that is presented to you. You are the one that is the one thinking and although you are receiving this from without, it is from a part of yourself that is also in you. That part that I speak of is the infinite subconscious that does not judge your outward thinking to be right or wrong. It accepts what you believe to be true and makes it true for you outwardly. In other words, the Father within, that you have been told is God is in fact your source, you own wonderful subconscious. The consciousness that you are experiencing as yourself is the Son of God. The subconscious source that has given you himself is this progeny to do the work of the subconscious. This is what we as humans have called our soul, but in truth, it is the life principle that has infinite possibilities. It is one and whole in nature and reflects our true beliefs without error. The fact that it has fallen into “corruption” is not by fault, but by choice, so that you may have experiences and overcome the limitations that you have let yourself accept as true. The source has given himself to himself. You will be born again while living, into a spiritual life, when you awaken to this  understanding. You will not die, and be born again. It is not a figurative or abstract birth. If you are waiting to die to get to heaven, then there is nothing gained from this life. For what you are is not transformed in death. Consciousness is for the living and not the dead. “God” is an attribute of life and not of death, but for the living. You are here to make real, the power of God in this life. That is to express God’s oneness, to love unconditionally, to cast off fear and live by the actions that show what you believe, and for that belief to be true already. To have a vision of the ideal and to act as though it is already a fact without the actual evidence being seen outwardly. This is forming reality as was suggested in the book of Genesis. The outer signs will only follow the inner precedence. This is what it means to have faith. But, you will not see it, if love is not moving the source of your thoughts. In other words, your heart must be in it and you must feel for it. We must not live in the fears that we have had by thinking that it’s the truth of the way things are that we see outwardly! The thinking is the electric and the feeling is the magnetic principles of this matrix. The two that are spoken of in the formation of the earth, the electric principle corresponding to fire and water, or the projection of what we call “manifested reality”. 

Beginning To Believe

The choices you make are manifested in your actions. It is the same as saying you will know the tree by it’s fruit. If you do not care about others , you will not be conscientious of their needs. If you see that one is in need and are apathetic, are you caring for the oneness that you are? If you do a kindness to those in need, you are doing it to God, or to the source, and by extension, to yourself. This Oneness is not a new idea. It has been expressed in every ethnic group on this globe in one form or another for our own betterment and reproach. Look into the eyes of the one you love and who loves you, feel that connection, without outwardly expressing it, first feel and extend this connection to everyone that you will ever meet or even think about. You will not continue to feel the need to blame others for the misfortunes you have manifested in your life. A primary example would be, that you have “thought” that someone else perceived you as unworthy of respect and you reacted bitterly towards them, because they saw you with a furrowed brow and ignored you. In truth you did not realize your own brow, distracted because they did not show you a loving smile when they saw you. Others may be used to your aloof behavior. In truth, ‘you’ were not the friend you wanted them to be. 


Having infinite potential may sound extravagant. The majority may not agree because they want the power of a genie and snap their fingers and have their desires magically appear. One day this may be possible for everyone of us, but clearly, we are not ready for that kind of responsibility. Clearly a child does not come out of the womb with the skill and knowledge gained by the experience we glean from this world. We think we need to plant seeds and wait for a harvest. We have not believed that the imagination of a child has worth. So we have abandoned using it after puberty because we are expected to “grow out of it”. We have robbed our children of their greatest potential by these expectations, unless you can relate to someone like Jose Silva. He is an inspiration to mankind as well as many others that extol the importance of inner peace, goodwill and the imagination. It would be to your benefit to look into what he has shared with mankind. His material can be easily found online. While he may use language that suggests a physical outlook to what others would argue is something that is supposed to be spiritual, regardless it may help you to get to know the power that you already use daily, but in a more deliberate and conscious use. Another person that has tried to help others know the power within, is Neville Goddard. He used more emphasis on the explanation of the meanings behind scripture. A true inspiration for those that have assumed that the bible is a historical writing. You would be surprised how closely these two very different authors share a similar message. That you are already so much more than you have suspected or rather have “expected”.

Moving Forward

Since the inception of this country, self governing people had tried to free themselves from the rule of tyranny of an outward ruling king. When we do not rule our thoughts from within and find them to be a struggle, we will be struggling outwardly because of the inner conflicts. It is a result of doubts and/or a feeling of guilt we have been unworthy of the best that life has to offer. We believe that a struggle is necessary, and so it is. When we want to stop a particular habit, we believe that it will be a struggle because we think that it is ingrained in us. The idea of freedom is not complete in us and instead of just letting the old ideas die, we hold to them because we have made that choice already within our heart. I say within the heart because we are not all into that endeavor.

There is so much we can do when we expect better, especially when driven from a place of love and caring. When we take our time here to truly try to understand this potential within us and get to know it better, our world is truly transformed in every aspect. May you find the courage to dare to dream and take these first steps to know the life that you already are. Blessings beyond what you have expected will seem to just follow you every step that you take on this adventure. Prepare your mind and be amazed with the results of expectations! These expectations we have are the driving force of all our actions. There is this knowing already within you that this is so. Now is the acceptable time for you to choose who will have power over you and your thinking. The reins will always be in your control of what your life will be. To believe otherwise is of course your choice also. Cast out your fears and choose unconditional love’s perspective and watch your world transform. 

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